Tonight, Belarus will decide their performer for Rotterdam as Eurofest 2020 takes place in Minsk. But what did our team think of the contestants fighting for the Belarusian ticket to the Netherlands?

Our panel for Belarus’ hopefuls consists of Daniel, David, James, Melanie, Roy and Sean. Let’s see what they thought!

NAPOLI – Don’t Let Me Down

Daniel – 8 – “This is a super modern and catchy song that has a lot of potential mainstream appeal. She has such a striking visage and cool demeanor. It is unfortunate that this song comes so quickly after Zena’s since both share a lot of similarities and people may be seeking something a little different. Regardless this song is super cool and could be very popular with more youthful viewers. Very clean and fun.”

David – 4 – “Honestly, this sounds alright, but easily gets boring. The rhythm is quite nice in the beginning, but it gets to repetitive way to fast and it just sticks with it. Not exactly the right way to go, if you wish to have a catchy song, and instead of feeling like I wanna listen to it again, then I’d rather just get it over with.”

James – 5 – “A bang average modern pop selection from the suitcase of travelling Eurovision mercenaries Michael James Down and Will Taylor. All the bog standard clichés of modern pop production from “ghost cat” to synthesized backing vocals are here, and apart from this being a chill club track, there’s not much to recommend here. NAPOLI is capable of better, but it is a cynical view on her part if she thinks this mediocre sludge can beat the rest of the field, and I do fear for Belarus in the future if they do select this.”

Melanie – 5 – “Don’t Let me Down has a nice beat and starts promising, but it never wows me. NAPOLI’s singing isn’t strong enough and what’s up with those dancers wearing Indian headdresses? There’s potential in the beat, but she need to work on her singing in the chorus and find a good stylist for her back-up dancers.”

Roy – 5 – “Enjoyable to listen to actually. It just won’t stick out at Eurovision though. I would play this in the background if I were drinking with friends, but that would be about it. Some “brainless” music that you can just enjoy, but nothing much more than that.”

Sean – 7 – “You know what they say, millionth time lucky. This is probably NAPOLI’s best entry to date. The deep bass is a delight through headphones, and this has a cool danceable vibe. The choruses are a bit of let down (pardon the pun) but this is a solid groove and would be a decent addition to the Rotterdam pack.”

Total = 34 (avg. 5.67)

Sasha Zaharik – Rocky Road

Daniel – 9 – “Oh I love her voice, it is so crisp and folk-sounding. This is such a cute up-tempo medley, it could perfectly find its way into a Michael Bublé album. I do appreciate greatly how different this song is and how it just makes you feel so great! Did I mention her voice, it sounded so crisp and pleasant, and with those backing harmonies. She even included a piano piece and key change so we know she came to slay. I love it, I feel happy inside.”

David – 1 – “Not exactly what I thought about when the title of the song is “Rocky Road”, but that just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, or in this case a song. Anyhow, this is such a sweet, classic and chilling song, perfect for something like a picnic… someone shoot me please!”

James – 9 – “A+ for giving us a song with a melody reminiscent of The Georgia Satellites’ “Battleship Chains.” Volbeat did an incredible cover, and I feel that if the same punk-rock treatment was given to Zaharik’s “Rocky Road” in a revamp, we’d have one hell of a contender for the crown in Rotterdam. As is though, this is one fine alternative retro jazz ballad with a confident young woman strutting her stuff. It is to her credit that she pulls off an essentially non-stop three minute vocal performance while appearing cool as a cat (in a ‘90s romantic comedy female sidekick kind of way). She literally has no second to breathe, and she pulls off her audition flawlessly. Just the sheer energy alone invested should propel her to a spot in Rotterdam.”

Melanie – 4 – “Rocky Road is a cute song, but it’s just too repetitive. It never really excites me. But points for Sasha, because she deliveres it with such a charisma.”

Roy – 1 – “What is this? I first thought an add was playing while it skipped to this song, but I was surprised when I saw that this was actually a competing song. Repetitive, boring, unremarkable, annoying, do I need to continue?”

Sean – 7 – “I can see this having a twee, cute performance and will surely put a smile on many faces. It’s quite repetitive and runs out of ideas quickly, but I won’t personally let that detract from the fact this is a happy, feelgood entry, and hey – isn’t that what Eurovision is about?”

Total = 31 (avg. 5.17)

Anastasiya Malashkevich – Invisible

Daniel – 5 – “Oh I also really like her voice, it is very different but it is super sultry. That being said, the song straddles the line of being a bit outdated and not at the same time. Like the build is like any other dance-pop song but the chorus has a very interesting musical composition so more points for that. I am kind of stuck between thinking that this song is somewhat dated or assuming it is a modern and fresh take of a typical genre of Eurovision music. At least she has that awesome voice.”

David – 6 – “Not a fan of the vocals, it’s a bit sloppy. However, it’s a classy pop song that has something catchy, but that’s about it. I personally don’t feel like the song stands out enough for me to enjoy it even more, and with some generic lyrics as well, then I’m kinda struggling to keep my positivity up. Overall, I appreciate this effort.”

James – 3 – “The Persson sisters found themselves a ship horn singer a la Samanta Tina and thought they’d try out for a Celine Dion female empowerment ballad. Almost every note sounds like someone stepping on a goose, and it takes a while to notice this song is in English. “Invisible” sounds like “Invincible,” and usually for these national selections we’re judging the songwriter because the singer should meet a minimum level or be paired with a song they can pull off. No, the singer has the charisma of a claims adjuster on a night out of karaoke in Reno, Nevada. The composition is fine enough, but in studio and live versions, Anastasiya cannot sell this and needs a song more suited to her strengths.”

Melanie – 3 – “Anastasiya has a nice voice, but sadly “Invisible” isn’t a stand-out song. It’s the kind of song we heard before and miss something special. She makes herself invisible with this song sadly.”

Roy – 2 – “You are either a fan of her vocals or you aren’t. I am definitely not. I find it kind of excruciating to listen to if I’m honest. Something reminds me of a song that I have heard before too. Yeah this is doing nothing for me either.”

Sean – 5 – “”Invisible” is a pretty good name for this entry in fairness. It’s not too bad, but another generic track in another national final to me. Anastasiya’s voice and presence puts me in mind of Katrīna Dimanta from Supernova this year, if she can find half the swagger of Katrīna this could rise in my estimations.”

Total = 24 (avg. 4)

CHAKRAS – La-ley-la

Daniel – 7 – “With that title, I thought that this song was going to be a joke entry, but far from it. This is a wind nymph’s aria. It is extremely experimental and very interesting a la Norway 1995. Do I think that can work in our new decade, no, but this song is living in its originality. I love those backing noises of birds and the digeridoos. I think this track is just so epic, but as like a movie or video game soundtrack. I might be a bit traditional but I feel like the lyrics or a necessity. I almost want to give this song two ratings: one for musicality (super high) and one for Eurovision potential (super low).”

David – 8 – “I’m so used to a song containing proper WORDS and not sounds, so this really caught me off-guard. On one hand, it really bothered me how I was waiting for them to actually sing, and then about a minute into the song, I understood what they were going for… I mean… WHAT!? I dunno if I should even call it a song, but I honestly got intrigued by it and now I’m just curious. I Just know, that I’ll hate myself for this, but my brain tells me something else. However, I’m sure these ladies can sing, but a shame there ain’t much singing.”

James – 8 – “Well this is interesting in that mad as badgers Krassimir Avramov kind of way. This has some excellent inputs, but the end result is a mixed bag. I would guarantee that despite the intricacies involved in this song, this will not qualify for the Grand Final but would, like “Illusion,” be talked about for years as that song with the three wailing women and a bird whistle. This is a New Age hodge-podge of opera and Belarussian traditional with something the composer found on a Putamayo World Music CD his uncle bought from Starbucks in 2003. These ladies are talented, no doubt, but this is perhaps a little too “Quirky” for prime time. It also runs into “Nocturne” territory lyrics wise (i.e. there are none), but of all the New Age to have shown up this year, this one is the barmiest.”

Melanie – 5 – “Very epic start! Then the first singer starts to sing and I’m intrigued, but then I’m getting kinda lost? It feels like I’m taking a walk through a Lord of the Rings kingdom, but never reach my destination. But this has staging potential and is different to the other songs, so I’m curious how they will stage this during the liveshow.”

Roy – 7 – “This is really strange, yet also very fascinating. A complete mess, but in a way kind of beautiful. It is a bit simple and it nearly only consists of La’s and Ley’s, but I guess this kind of works. Maybe give it a bit more of a revamp and have a moment where some indigenous instruments get a moment to shine and this could actually do decently. It is not for everyone, but with such a lacklustre selection, this is what Belarus should go for 100%!”

Sean – 5 – “This entry promises so much and delivers comparatively little. The music video has incredible production value and it seems like a lot of effort has gone into this track, but it all peaks a little late for me and underwhelms. I’m sure this will have Eurovision fans on strings, but it’s a little too off-the-wall to succeed with the silent majority if chosen for Rotterdam.”

Total = 40 (avg. 6.67)

Nastya Glamozda – Burning Again

Daniel – 7 – “This song is mystical and really draws upon some unique auras to create this dark pop ballad. Her outfit is, something else, but we are here to talk about Anastasiya. Her voice is nice, but some of those high notes are not as seamless as I would love. The overall composition of the song is very strong and she definitely places a cool twist on the genre. While some technical elements need work, if further polished, this song could see good success.”

David – 2 – “I like the energy, but with such an depressing start to the song, then I’m just not really feeling the song and those dark vibes aren’t really helping either. English sounds like a struggle as well, cause I could barely tell what was said in the song. The mixture overall just doesn’t go together.”

James – 3 – “Nastya looks like Katie from Vanderpump Rules doing a crap Sennek impersonation. Nastya’s English needs a lot of love. And where did she find that dress? In a grave in Tombstone, Arizona? And with her hair and dance she reminds me of the terrifying girl from The Ring. I would like to live seven days past Eurovision, thank you very much. There is potential in this song, but the production needs a severe revamp, Nastya needs vocal training and a dress more modern than Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’s.”

Melanie – 7 – “Nastya immediately creates a vibe with her song “Burning Again”. Her staging at the auditions immediately had something artistic about it and excites me for her staging at the liveshows. Her voice sounds great in this song and takes the listener somehow to her own mysterious world. The best in this competition and I hope that Belarus will choose her.”

Roy – 4 – “A slow unremarkable ballad with mediocre vocals and not much stage presence. That will do well…”

Sean – 6 – “I like the ethnic elements in this dark and moody entry, and the vibe isn’t once we’ve really had in any track so far this year. A lot will hinge on the live performance; if Nastya can replicate this vibe live, this could do quite well indeed.”

Total = 29 (avg. 4.83)

Anastasiya Razvadovskaya – Hello

Daniel – 6 – “Tell me that we are not living in a retro 80’s inspired music era now in Eurovision. This song is really cool and an actual mood. Was the singing perfect, no not really but it still flows super well and that chorus is super smooth. I just cannot stop thinking about how we are entering like a nouveau new age era in Eurovision music. This song is pretty , pretty solid.”

David – 2 – “Old school and just plain boring. It’s just a helpful thought, but what about getting some English lessons before going full out on a song in English, cause I could seriously not understand a word… okay, maybe 2 now and then, but not like that matters if I couldn’t understand 90% of the words. Oh yeah, sloppy vocals as well, so yeeeeeah… not impressed at all.”

James – 4 – “Of the songs that need a serious revamp in this selection (and being Belarus there’s a few), this one seems to have the most potential. But it needs some serious help. There’s some shrill notes that cover up Anastasiya’s vocals in parts, and she is not really given much to do with this. If she wants to be known as a singer, they’ve got to give her opportunities to let rip at the bridge or during the final chorus. But some parts, like that swishing noise and some tinny synth, could do with getting booted. And to compensate, Anastasiya has to fill the void with something better than “whoo!” If she is unable to, she and the production team are wasting our time.”

Melanie – 2 – “The beat is interesting, but her voice doesn’t sound great in this song. Sometimes it even hurt my ears. I even sometimes have the feeling she sings the wrong song on the instrumentals. It just doesn’t flow well together.”

Roy – 1 – “It sucks that this doesn’t have a studio version released as I’m writing this. It could redeem the song a little bit. Her live vocals aren’t the best and it is just your good old “let’s-sing-something-random-while-a-mediocre-beat-is-playing-song”. Really poor Belarus…”

Sean – 7 – “I hope she doesn’t win because I will have hell with that name all year! On a serious note, I like the arrangement of this song and the celestial electropop is rare for Eurovision selections, yet a sound I love in dance music. It’s a well produced entry, I just feel like this song may be a little too big for her vocals. I remain unconvinced unless there is a drastic improvement for the national final.”

Total = 22 (avg. 3.67)

Yan Yarosh – Fire

Daniel – 5 – “I like the cool and raspy voice, but it was kind of hard to understand what he was saying at the beginning. I love his piano, but what I do not love are the accompanying voices, they just do not match the song at all. This is a romantic ballad, very traditional and very soothing. Some will call this song dated, I think it is more classic. The build is nice but it really seems like a fish out of water compared to these other entries.”

David – 2 – “I like to see when an instrument shines on it’s own, but not for a song contest, then you just gotta give it all you can give it. The piano just pretty much takes control and to top it all… the song is a ballad! Bro, I could’ve just pointed out this was a ballad and that alone would be enough for me, since I’m just left bored and tired.”

James – 5 – “There’s a meme doing the ESC fan forum rounds along the lines of “the singer brought a piano / keyboard… BURN IT!” It’s for songs like this. There are several problems with Yan’s audition, and I did seek out the studio version, which is more stripped down than the audition version that had female backing singers. In either version, Yan’s vocals don’t really come through strongly. The piano does, but he needs to change tack with his vocals to stand out more and for us to understand his lyrics (which from what little I gather is about an old flame who was wild and untamed or some such). He is physically putting in feeling and emotion (perhaps in a little too disheveled a manner in the audition version) but just needs his voice to do it more effectively.”

Melanie – 5 – “Yan looks so bittersweet and his voice just sounds like a warm hug. I like that rasp he has in it. The backing vocals sadly ruin it a little bit. Nevertheless, he knows how to play the keys, but the song is plain simple. But please come back next year Yan with a better song.”

Roy – 2 – “This is some unremarkable lounge music. This could be played in a café during lunchtime, but this is again not a song that should compete. I didn’t really care for this, it just went by and after it was over I already forgot it again.”

Sean – 6 – “I mean yeah, if you’re going to go for a piano ballad then why not go for this? The string elements to this song do elevate it and I don’t find myself becoming bored with the song after a minute or so, which is a plus in my book! It would get swarmed out in May if chosen however.”

Total = 25 (avg. 4.17)

Angelika Pushnova – True Love

Daniel – 6 – “This is a feel good song that has a very standard composition. Her energy is addictive and the song has a fun rhythmic that gets you tapping your foot. It reminds me a lot of a less sassy version of “Solayoh”. Overall it gives a very nice impression but unfortunately it seems a little too basic to make a huge splash. I will secretly be rooting for this song but it is not the winner in my opinion.”

David – 9 – “Fierce beginning and already I’m hooked! This song really delivers for me with the power, the energy, the beat, my attention is all on this song! Then there is also the strong summer vibes I get from listening to this, but if I can be a bit nitpicky, give the singing a little more energy when sung, then we can talk about a hit!”

James – 6 – “A catchy enough Latin pop influenced dance number. Angelika could do with some work on her pronunciation, and lyrically the song relies a little too much on “ay ay ay” and “ua ah ah” phrases. This would be a good “safe” pick for Belarus, though I doubt it is memorable enough to make the top half even though I think it has just enough to qualify. We need a bit more dance in Rotterdam, and if this song is given enough of a revamp (some new vocals with Angelika brought more to the front and some heavier bass), there’s potential for people to get onboard.”

Melanie – 5 – “Angelika looks like she has lots of fun singing this song. It’s almost contagious haha. She sings very well and the song is very catchy. Is it a masterpiece? Nawh, but it’s fun. It kinda has a Junior Eurovision vibe over it, but maybe it also can do well at Eurovision itself?”

Roy – 3 – “This is a very middle of the road song. It doesn’t do anyone harm, but it also doesn’t wow you in any way. This would be rather forgettable at Eurovision. The chorus is a bit too repetitive with the “Ay-ay-ay” parts. It is just a bit mehh.”

Sean – 5 – “A modern, well-produced acoustic pop track. It reminds me of guitar based 90s pop in a way, which has its market. Perhaps would have done better and made more of an impression in, say, 2011 than in 2020 though.”

Total = 34 (avg. 5.67)

Darya Khmelnitskaya – On Fire

Daniel – 4 – “This song has an extremely epic build-up to the point that I thought that it was going to be my favorite song in the competition. Then the chorus happened and I am not going to lie, it was bit of a letdown: it was just the most predictable thing ever. I will commend the song on having some interesting elements imbedded within the build. The lyrics are also slightly basic for my test.”

David – 2 – “This is very rare, so hear me out here. Who had the idea of making an up-beat song and thought “let’s just add a lot of loud sounds”, that not how you exactly like a hit. It easily gets obnoxious and bothering. Normally I would be all in on these dance tracks, but this is too much, so it becomes a big loud mess.”

James – 4 – “The production is horrible, even judging by demo standards. Actually, I checked out the studio version and it’s not better there either. Darya actually has one of the better vocal performances, and there’s potential for a great dance song here, but the producers threw every cheap trick into a dumpster and set it on fire instead. And the main cheesy synth riff has the hallmark of a Stock Aitken Waterman wall of noise production. And why insist on those cheap snare drum effects to take the lead instead of being a background component?”

Melanie – 3 – “Yeah, so this song tries to be a bop, but doesn’t make me wanna dance. I don’t like her voice and I just have the feeling she tries too hard. Better luck next time.”

Roy – 4 – “This would NQ solely on the reason that The Roop has the same name for their song and it is far superior to this. This isn’t all too bad though. There is staging potential and her vocals are quite good too. The song is a little unremarkable and tough to remember though. This is definitely not what you want.”

Sean – 8 – “There’s definitely something here but I think the production may need a little bit of cleaning up to unleash it. This has the bare bones of an excellent dance track though, and Darya performs it well with conviction and solid vocals. I can’t see this winning the selection but it would be a great addition to Eurovision this year as one of the true upbeat, danceable entries!”

Total = 25 (avg. 4.17)

AURA – Barani svajo

Daniel – 4 – “Belarussian, how refreshing. Oh this is building to a strong female rock song. Actually I take that back, this is more akin to some of Albania’s rock ballads (the ones that do not qualify from the semifinals at Eurovision). This song starts sounding super mature and then the chorus makes is sound like a Belarusian rendition of ring-around-the-rosy. I really do admire the guitar and rock elements in the instrumentation. Oh and there are bagpipes. And a key change. This went all over real quick.”

David – 7 – “Belarusian traditional rock, I mean why haven’t we had something like that yet? Maybe drop some parts of the song, because those few traditional celtic sounds seems a bit (read that as A LOT) out of place, but other than that, it’s quite unique, especially to a foreign listener like me. Indeed a worthy candidate, but nothing I would listen to that often.”

James – 5 – “Wooo, middle age pop rock with everyone’s dad threatening to break out into a bagpipe solo. That sadly didn’t happen, but we got a crappy sound synth solo and a dialed in key change. They could have replaced that synth solo with a great guitar one and just left out the unnecessary key change. It’s also very dated, and I am struggling to imagine who this song is actually for. Certainly not for a niche demographic that could sway anyone.”

Melanie – 3 – “I apreciate the attempt, but this could be executed in such a better way. The built is great, but the chorus is a bit of a let down. Anyways, I like their style and hope to see them again next year with a better song.”

Roy – 2 – “This had potential to be a cool rock-song/ballad, but then they started to sing together and everything fell apart. This looks and sounds a little bit like a family reunion that you didn’t really want to go to. Some family members embarrass you by singing a song on a stage in public and this is the end-result. The instrumentals sound cloudy too, but that could be because of it being an audition.”

Sean – 5 – “Is this Scotland, Ireland or Belarus? I appreciate the Celtic sounds in this one but that’s the only real piece of interest in this one for me. It sounds like one of those tracks that may come alive on stage, so we’ll see if there is some untapped potential in “Barani svajo”. Good to hear Belarusian once more!”

Total = 26 (avg. 4.33)

KeySi – Chili Pepper

Daniel – 8 – “Oh that reggaeton beat with those horns, this is a banger. This is a re-hatching of I Like It but slightly better in my opinion. It has more attitude and the arrangement seems even more contemporaneous (I know wild, right). I love the metaphor of the chili pepper as well, it adds a spicy element to the song. The voice could use some more practice but that is mostly because of all the movement so with more practice that will totally be fixed.”

David – 10 – “Someone in Belarus apparently had this insane idea of going all out on the dance club and damn this is lit! This “Chili Pepper” is on fire. Catchy, cool and fresh. YES PLEASE! This song can burn me up all it want, cause I’m hooked!”

James – 7 – “This time the fire similes extend to the one measured in Scoville units. It’s a fun club track, though as is common with Belarus, the (English) vocals need significant work in a revamp as it’s hard to make out what it is she’s singing without the help of the lyric video. The lyrics are also goofy (who is “Dirty” and what is the countdown he’s playing for?) and KeySi’s pronunciation of “piquant” is hilarious, but works somehow. But yeah, this is an energetic dance song that has appeal and for which you can forgive production mistakes.”

Melanie – 6 – “KeySi brings the bop in this national final! Chili Pepper is a lovely up-tempo song. She brings confidence and a nice choreography in her auditioning tape. A great sucessor for Zena, but I heard better and more original up-tempo songs already in other national finals. But anyways, it still makes me wanna dance.”

Roy – 4 – “Get to know me step by stepper… I thought “Vegan” was prime candidate for worst lyric of the year, but this could actually be a close contender. They are just desperate to make something rhyme with Chili pepper.. Which on its own isn’t even a good word to use as your main-word before the drop. Talking about the drop, it is a bit amateuristic isn’t it? Heaps of potential, weak in execution.”

Sean – 5 – “This pretends to be an almighty bop of a banger but it misses the mark. Maybe it’ll be different live, but this uses all of the usual production rolls and snares to mask the pretty generic track “Chili Pepper” is. The lyrics are not exactly great either, but then it may be harsh to criticise lyrics in a song like this. Underwhelming.”

Total = 40 (avg. 6.67)

VAL – Da Vidna

Daniel – 9 – “This is a retro song as well that has a really cool entourage. The chorus is actually my favorite of all the songs. I think, generally, this song gets a lot of the elements right and works strategically to focus on its core elements best. It is strong form the beginning to the end.  The instrumentation is also pretty solid. This good is pretty well-done and all around has one of the best chances to win Eurofest.”

David – 8 – “This just sounds like a space journey, I’m taken far away from everything before everything just explodes. The song has a great and relaxing build up, before it takes me out of this musical space journal and it executes it so well. There is just that one important thing missing and that is THE hook that could’ve sealed the deal, but without it, then this journey is over when it’s over and I’m not that much into doing the same journey again.”

James – 8 – “A cool synth-pop couple singing in Belarussian. Actually, considering how many acts have tanked with English lyrics in Belarus, this is a very wise editorial choice. Allegedly VAL is comprised of a real couple (the singer dressed up like Sharon Osborne and the gangly kid on keyboards), and they keep things classy and generate good vibes.”

Melanie – 6 – “Really atmospheric song, but needs a better staging. It’s now kinda boring watching this. I also have the feeling tha VAL can do so much better than “Da Vidna”. This just sounds like an appetizer for something bigger. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an okay song, but I hope they can give me fireworks next year.”

Roy – 4 – “The song builds nicely and the instrumentals in the verses are nicely arranged. The chorus is really lacklustre and the drop, although nice, would not do too well at Eurovision I fear. Another song where there is a lot of potential, but it needs some work to make it decent and competitive. It’s a nice song to listen to, but just as background or a quick jam, not for something like Eurovision.”

Sean – 6 – “A competent alternative pop song and an unusual choice of entry to round off the selection. I dig the vibe in this one, but it’s not the song to choose for Belarus if they want to stand out in Rotterdam. Certainly one I could see joining my indie pop Spotify playlist on rotation though!”

Total = 41 (avg. 6.83)

So, who is our winner in Belarus? Let’s add up the scores…

  1. VAL – Da Vidna – 41
  2. CHAKRAS – La-ley-la – 40
  3. KeySi – Chili Pepper – 40
  4. NAPOLI – Don’t Let Me Down – 34
  5. Angelika Pushnova – True Love – 34
  6. Sasha Zaharik – Rocky Road – 31
  7. Nastya Glamozda – Burning Again – 29
  8. AURA – Barani svajo – 26
  9. Yan Yarosh – Fire – 25
  10. Darya Khmelnitskaya – On Fire – 25
  11. Anastasiya Malashkevich – Invisible – 24
  12. Anastasiya Razvadovskaya – Hello – 22

It seems to be a three horse race, but in the end, VAL with “Da Vidna” just edges it with our team! But will VAL be chosen to represent Belarus tonight? We will see very soon!

Do #YOU agree with our thoughts on Belarus’ selection? Did we underrate any entries? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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