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OGAE Poll 2023 loreen

Sweden 🇸🇪 wins OGAE Poll 2023 after intense battle with Finland

Sweden is the grand champion of the OGAE Poll 2023, which marks the country’s second victory in a row the one of the biggest international fan poll. Right before the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 kicks off in Liverpool, we get a glimpse of what the fandom thinks of each song through the annual OGAE Poll. And today, the 17th edition …

OGAE Poll 2023: votes from North Macedonia and The Netherlands are in

The OGAE Poll 2023 continues day by day and the latest voters are OGAE North Macedonia and OGAE The Netherlands. The Dutch 12 points go to Finland and the Macedonian 12 points go to Italy, marking the first the country receives the top score in this year’s poll. Less than a month ago, the OGAE Poll 2023 began and as …


OGAE Poll 2023: Finland keeps its 12 points streak thanks to Austria and Andorra

The OGAE Poll 2023 continues day by day and the latest voters are OGAE Austria and OGAE Andorra. Both national OGAE clubs agree on their winner: it is Käärijä representing Finland with Cha Cha Cha. It started three weeks ago and as of today, 17 countries awarded their points. Each of the national OGAE club reveals their points from 1 …

ogae poll 2023

OGAE Poll 2023: Norway and Estonia reveal their points

Norway and Estonia have just revealed their points for the OGAE Poll 2023. The Norwegian 12 points are going to Finland, but Estonia gave theirs to Sweden. Some changes happened in the general ranking. The OGAE Poll 2023 started three weeks ago with France kicking off the voting, and Slovenia, Cyprus, Spain, Türkiye, Switzerland and Bulgaria following in the last …

Melodifestivalen: How did the Swedish people vote?

Saturday final of Melodifestivalen resulted in Måns Zelmerlöw winning with the song “Heroes” but how did the Swedish people and international jury really vote? SVT just released the full status of the voting of each semifinal, andra chansen and the final. To follow are some fun facts about this years voting in Melodifestivalen, in the end of the article you …

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