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Malta: Christabelle “It’s about asking people not to be afraid of their problems”

[AdSense-B] Our next interview from Lisbon comes courtesy of Malta and this year’s entrant Christabelle. After four attempts, the young singer from Mġarr battles with the concept of mental health in Lisbon with her entry “Taboo”, and we spoke to her about the message of the song, how she wanted to tell a story with her performance and the vocal …

The ESC United “Expert” Panel 2018 – Malta

[AdSense-B] Before moving onto Malta, let’s take a quick look at what our readers thought of the Czech Republic’s “Lie to Me”… QwaarJet (Forum) – “Very catchy, but also very slimy. Mikolas comes across as arrogant and creepy, and even in the new family friendly version, the lyrics are borderline offensive and sexist. The tune is a little too simple, …

Malta: Christabelle ” It addresses something that is very close to my heart”

Malta’s selection for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner, so it’s high time we got to meet some of the hopefuls fighting to represent the islands in Lisbon! Today, Christabelle has spoken to us about her upcoming experience in MESC! Hello Christabelle! First of all thank you for your time talking to us. How are you? …

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