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Slovenia unveils ESC hopefuls

The Slovene national broadcaster has announced today the line-up for the Slovene Eurovision song selection. EMA 2014 will be broadcast on March 8th at 20:00 CET, live from Ljubljana. And while a panel of music experts, including two-time Slovene ESC representative Darja Svajger, has decided on the seven artists competing, the ultimate decision will be given to the audience via …

EXCLUSIVE: Slovenia heading to Copenhagen (kind of)!

In yet another surprising Eurovision twist, RTV SLO has announced today that Slovenia has actually submitted their application for participation in Copenhagen! The unexpected news was published on the broadcaster’s website, noting that they sent in their application at eve of the deadline. However, the confirmation is only semi-official. Just like last year, the Slovene broadcaster is using one of …

Slovenia not likely participant?

With only one day left before the EBU’s deadline for broadcasters to announce their participation in the upcoming Contest, some countries seem less likely than others to participate. One of them is, sadly, Slovenia. The Slovene-based (and also Slovene-speaking) website Eurovizija has been publishing rather bleak articles in the past week. One entitled “Black Clouds over Eurovision and the Entertainment Programme …

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