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Reaction Video: Vanja Radovanović wins in Montenegro

Montenegro is once again aiming for success, holding a National Final where five act battled it out and in the end, we had one winner.  Vanja Radovanović  won Montevizija 2018 and the right to represent Montenegro in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal. Matt is watching the song live on camera, watch his honest and raw reaction to …

Montenegro: Vanja Radovanović Will Represent Montenegro!

Добро вече из Црне Горе! – In case you want it in simple English – Good evening from Montenegro! For the first time in 10 years, Montenegro decided to go with a national final to let the public decide who should have the honour of representing the country in Lisbon! [AdSense-B] 2018 was considered the year where many countries would …

Montevizija 2018: Katarina Bogićević “I love playing DnD”

[AdSense-B] Montevizija 2018 will feature 5 participants, and one of them is Katarina Bogićević who participated in Got Talent, Your Face Sounds Familiar, and numerous festivals in addition to a lead role on the TV series Folk. On February 17th, she will perform her song “Neželjena” (Unwanted) written by Aleksandra Milutinović & Darko Dimitrov, who both have Eurovision experience. Aleksandra wrote the …

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