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Greek singer, songwriter, and producer @marina_satti delivers a breathtaking performance of her new single ‘PONOS KRIFOS’.

🇬🇷 Exciting New Details Revealed about Greece’s 2024 Eurovision Entry!

Marina Satti recently returned from her short tour in London, where she performed a sold-out show. It was a brief stop before preparing for Malmo. There is considerable enthusiasm among Eurovision fans for her entry, particularly the song she will perform in May. In a recent interview with a Greek morning show, she revealed that her song will incorporate Greek …

News about the song selection process of Cyprus in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest

Cyprus: Announces National Selection “Fame Story” for Eurovision 2024

Antonis Karatzikos, the former president of OGAE Greece, made an announcement on the television show Alpha Greece, hosted by Katerina Kainourgiou, on May 16th. During the show, Karatzikos revealed that Nikos Kokloni’s company, “Barking Well Media,” has been responsible for producing ‘Fame Story’. Both CyBC and Panik Records confirmed this agreement. The national selection method for Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 …

Victor Vernicos

Greece 2023: ERT reveals more information about participation, results and budget

After selecting the top three, the ERT jury met with the teams of the top three performers to discuss ideas for the song’s promotion, video clip, and performance. The jury then provided its final decision on the three songs. Before that though, on a Greek TV Morning program called “Super Katerina” the lawyer of Melissa Mantzouki called out ERT for …

Eurovision round-up: Cruise ships, cancelled songs and Gagauz rumours

Been busy over the festive period? We hear #YOU. It’s tough to keep up on all of the little news bits, rumours and updates in the Eurovision world, so we’ve been across the Eurovision community to put all of the recent smaller updates together for #YOU! Finland’s YLE has confirmed that the participants of this year’s Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu will …

All roads lead to Rotterdam: EBU tweaks branding of Eurovision 2021 with new logo

The EBU has today announced that the logo for Eurovision 2021 will be slightly different to what we were expecting, with the colourful circular design from the cancelled 2020 contest breaking out for Rotterdam 2021! In a video explaining the amendment to the contest’s branding, the EBU identified that “last year’s artwork was about our [Eurovision’s] legacy, telling the story …

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