News about the song selection process of Cyprus in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest

Antonis Karatzikos, the former president of OGAE Greece, made an announcement on the television show Alpha Greece, hosted by Katerina Kainourgiou, on May 16th. During the show, Karatzikos revealed that Nikos Kokloni’s company, “Barking Well Media,” has been responsible for producing ‘Fame Story’. Both CyBC and Panik Records confirmed this agreement.

The national selection method for Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 will be the talent show “Fame Story”, which will be aired by RIK and the Greek channel STAR starting in September. EurovisionFun had an interview with the team at RIK and they provide exclusive coverage with the initial information about what we can expect in the upcoming show.

The plans for the national selection process are currently underway, with RIK, PANIK Records, and Barking Well Media collaborating for the show called “Fame Story.” This show marks a return to the Greek/Cypriot spotlight after several years but with notable differences from its previous iteration. The news was initially reported on the Super Katerina Show.

One of the initial details revealed is that auditions for the talent show will be held in various cities in Greece, Cyprus, and other foreign countries during the summer. The broadcasting of the show is scheduled to begin in September, with the final set to take place during the Christmas holidays. This timeframe allows ample time to find the right song and for the selected artist to prepare to represent Cyprus at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

Each day, an episode will be broadcast in the afternoon, featuring scenes from the academy. The program will be suitable for all audiences and will focus primarily on the development and progress of the academy students, rather than showcasing their daily lives like a typical reality show. Viewers will have the opportunity to witness their lessons, rehearsals, and overall preparation for the weekly live performances.

A total of sixteen artists will be chosen to participate in the music academy, and each week, one artist will be eliminated during the live show. Discussions are already underway with renowned artists to join the jury panel, including Anna Vissi, who represented Greece in the 2006 contest when it was hosted in Greece.

By the end of this month, representatives from the national broadcaster will visit Athens to finalize the concept. Following that, a promotional trailer will be released, inviting artists who wish to participate in the talent show and represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: eurovisionfun

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