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Dutch singer Blanks would “definitely sign up” for Eurovision

Dutch singer Simon de Wit, better known under his artist’s name Blanks, is known for his YouTube channel Music by Blanks, where he offers a variety of musical content. The singer from Groningen is best known for his style swaps, where he redoes a well-known song in another genre. His most viral video is his ‘80s version of Post Malone’s …

Dutch Broadcaster AVROTROS Announces Changes to Internal Selection Committee

Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS is once again relying on their internal selection committee to find a quality candidate to represent them in Rotterdam. The Netherlands has relied upon internal selections ever since Anouk’s selection in 2013 resulted in the first Dutch qualification in 8 years. After abandoning their national selection show for an internal process, The Netherlands has placed in the …

Netherlands: Is this the Dutch entry for Tel Aviv? [UPDATED]

[AdSense-B] Eagle-eyed fans of the contest seem to have found a demo for the Dutch entry for this year’s contest, although this has not yet been confirmed by the Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS. The song, entitled “I Miss You” and of course performed by Duncan Laurence, has surfaced on YouTube in the past few hours courtesy of the Planet ESC channel. …

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