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Yulia Samoilova to return to Crimea

As you will be well aware – Russia were set to perform in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest but due to their chosen representative having previously visited Crimea Ukrainian authorities decided she would receive a 3 year ban from Ukraine and therefore unable to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. But… That’s old news, what is interesting is that Yulia …

Denmark and San Marino condemn Russia-Ukraine scandal

[AdSense-B] Two of the participating broadcasters in this year’s contest have spoken out to condemn the approaches of both Russia and Ukraine regarding the Yulia Samoylova banning situation. Denmark’s DR has spoken out against the “political battleground” developing in the east, with Jan Lagermand Lundme, the head of entertainment, stating “It is practically unbearable. I know that the EBU takes …

Ukraine bans Yulia: International reaction

[AdSense-B] Today has seen the Eurovision Song Contest thrust into the limelight once more, although this time it has been for unsavoury reasons. Ukraine’s national security ministry, the SBU, this afternoon confirmed that Yulia Samoilova would not be permitted into Ukrainian territory to represent her native Russia in Eurovision in May. Since the confirmation, the news has spread far and …

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