Switzerland has a lot to choose from... here's some of the more notable entries!
Switzerland has a lot to choose from… here’s some of the more notable entries!

The Swiss national final’s video upload stage has been in full swing for many weeks now, and in this time many notable artists from the Eurovision and national final world have attempted to represent the Central European country in neighbouring Austria, due to the country’s lack of restriction on who can enter.

Below we take a look at some of the names in the running that may ring a bell to our readers, as well as some of the more unusual entries…

Asifa Lahore – You and I

The British muslim drag queen has already announced his/her intention to represent the United Kingdom in Austria, and it appears she has chosen to submit her song to Switzerland too! Whether the Swiss broadcaster would be willing to follow in Conchita’s footsteps remains to be seen, however.

Antonio Romero – Y te vas

A ballad in Spanish could also be on the cards for the country if chosen, highlighting the diversity of the national final. Many other entries in this national final have also come from surprising origins in a similar fashion – will Switzerland decide to stray away from Swiss artists this year?

Bearforce1 – Action Man

Some of our readers will likely be familiar with the Dutch band Bearforce1, as they have previously attempted to represent the United Kingdom and the Netherlands in Eurovision. The band’s heavy reliance on LGBT culture has gained them a following over the years, but will this be enough to push their song “Action Man” to Eurovision?

Inge and the TritoneKings – Totenköpfchen

One of the more unusual entries in this year’s national final is the heavy metal stylings of Inge and the TritoneKings, and listening to the entry makes it easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want to see a pensioner performing screamo in Vienna??

Kitty Brucknell – Yearning

Possibly one of the most familiar names is Kitty Brucknell, a former contestant on the British version of The X Factor in 2011 who finished 7th. Now it appears she is bidding for Swiss Eurovision success, following in the footsteps of former X Factor stars Maria Lawson and Same Difference.

Monroe – Flame

Sound familiar? Monroe were in the shortlist with this song for the Maltese national final but weren’t chosen by TRM, so perhaps Switzerland will be kinder to the Maltese girl band?

Nayah – Immortels

It wouldn’t be a national final season without a return for a former Eurovision artist. In Switzerland, Nayah has come back for another chance at the contest (she previously represented France in Eurovision 1999).

Okejdå – Fax från Sachalin

It seems difficult enough for Sweden to select an entry in Swedish, so perhaps this jolly song could be chosen to represent the language in Vienna? After all, Swedish is a rare language in Eurovision these days, so it would be a welcome change in Vienna!

You can find the rest of the entries in the Swiss national final’s submission stage here. Voting in the national final begins tomorrow (3 November).

Voting begins tomorrow. Who are your favourites?
Voting begins tomorrow. Who are your favourites?

Have any other entries in the Swiss national final taken your fancy? Let us know your favourites below or join the discussion on our forum!


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