Luna Ki has informed RTVE that they will withdraw from Benidorm Fest.

In an image posted earlier today on Twitter, Luna announced their intention to withdraw due to the regulations of the contest disallowing the use of autotune on vocals.

In the statement, the artist said that the song, “Voy a Morir” was composed with the use of autotune in mind, and that the vocal effect’s sonority and timbre are essential for the song’s interpretation. It makes them sad, as “autotune is a musical tool that has been used by artists like Cher since ’98, and represents part of the sound and identity of a generation”.

Luna has also said they will give a detailed explanation about the decision in time, as they owe it to the other participating artists, RTVE, and to the viewing public.

This reduces the lineup for Semi Final 1 of Benidorm Fest to 6 acts, as follows.

  1.  Varry Brava – “Raffaella”
  2.  Azúcar Moreno – “Postureo” (Posing)
  3.  Blanca Paloma – “Secreto de Agua” (Secret of Water)
  4.  Unique – “Mejores” (Better)
  5.  Tanxugueiras – “Terra” (Land)
  6.  Chanel – “Slo mo”

The second semi final lineup remains the same.

Who are #YOU most excited to see at Benidorm Fest? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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