Rotterdam, 8 May 2021

Gentlewomen and sympathizers, it’s time for our third Rehearsal update. This time we’ll be looking at Russia’s “Russian women” and whether these slavic girls knew how to use their charm and beauty. More details below.

Country: Russia (#RUS)
Act: Manizha
Song:  “Russian Woman”
Semifinal: First (18/05/2021)
Position in Running Order: 03/16

Russia are going with a humorous spin to their song. Manizha starts the performance locked up inside a giant dress made of fabrics from each Russian federal republic. The ‘dress’ is a contraption on wheels that is driven back and forth on the space between the four backing singers (rearranged in their square formation as seen in the NF performance), which she then leaves.

Manizha’s facial expressions and voice are both top notch throughout. Her outfit consists of a red overal with a floral motif at the back, a head scarf and long stylized braid. Very evocative of the We Can Do It Poster.

Motivational words flash on the screen in both Russian and English throughout. BE YOURSELF. BE GRATEFUL. When the chorus comes on, the backdrop transforms into a GIANT iconographic image evoking a very impressive church vibe.

At the end, we’re hit by a wall of many different Russian women, of all shapes and sizes, miming along to Manizha and her song. Overall, Russia have delivered a funny yet impressive performance that will stand out in the semifinal, despite its early position in the running order.

Watch a snippet of the live footage below:

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What do #YOU think of Manizha’s rehearsal? Was it strong enough to bounce against the wall? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media!

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