It’s been a long lasting process, but we finally got there and so did Romania. The national final has finally concluded, and we finally have a winner and a name on who will be representing the Carpathian country in Liverpool.

Selecția Națională 2023

We need to go all the way back to December with this national final, back then it was announced that 12 songs would compete this year, and even back then, it was announced that the voting would be completely re-done, more about that down below.

Anyhow, since December, the 12 acts have been busy recording, preparing, talking and sharing, all around their song, and today was the final stretch. These were the 12 songs competing tonight: (In order of performance)

  1. Deiona – “Call On Me”
  2. Andrada Popa – “No Time For Me”
  3. Ocean Drive – “Take You Home”
  4. Amia – “Puppet”
  5. Andrei Duţu – “Statues”
  6. Theodor Andrei – “D.G.T. (Off and On)”
  7. Steven Roho, Gabriella and Formaţia Albatros – “Lele”
  8. Aledaida – “Bla Bla Bla”
  9. Adriana Moraru – “Faralaes”
  10. Maryliss – “Hai Vino”
  11. JaxMan – “Bad & Cool”
  12. Andreea D Folclor Orchestra – “Periniţa Mea”

The final was hosted by Laurentiu Niculescu and Ilinca Bacila who represented Romania back in 2017. The final was also opened by last year’s Romanian representative WRS, who got to perform in his Eurovision anthem “Llámame”. Both Ilinca and WRS also performed later in the show.


As promised, let’s now see how the winner was decided. Compared to last year, the voting was completely changed. This year’s winner was solely decided by the public, it was possible for viewers to vote either via phone or online on TVR‘s website.

To drag on and make it a bit more exciting, top 5 acts were in random order invited back on stage, where the winner would be revealed, here it was announced that Andreea D Folclor Orchestra, Theodor Andrei, Andrei Dutu, Aledaida and Amia had finished in top 5.

On stage it was revealed how each act had finished, starting with 5th place and down until 3rd place.

5 place was given to Amia (4232 total votes), 4th place to Aledaida (4250 total votes) and 3rd was then given to Andrei Dutu (4302 total votes).

Full detailed results

This left us with either Andreea D Folclor Orchestra or Theodor Andrei as the winner, which was announced to be… Theodor Andrei (5230 total votes), finishing ahead of the Andreea D (4845 total votes) with just 385 more votes.

Romania will take part in the second semi-final in Liverpool, and it is now know that it will be with the song “D.G.T. (Off and On)

Did #YOU like Theodor Andrei’s song, and how well do #YOU think he can do in Liverpool?
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