This years national selection season is getting closer and closer to the end, so now it’s all about enjoying the remaining shows around Europe before it ends. Romania is one of the countries who stay close to the concept of a national final, and tonight we had the semi-final of “Selectia Nationala 2016”.

12 songs qualified to the Romanian national final stage, after they were picked from a total of 94 songs, which were sent in to TVR.

These 12 qualified songs were announced back on the 11th of February, and since then until now, they had a chance, in co-operation with TVR, to promote their songs before the national final.

The 12 songs were performed in the following order, during the semi-final:

  1. Doru Todoruț feat. Irina Baianț – “The Voice”
  2. Andra Olteanu – “Nai Nai”
  3. Dream Walkers – “Let It Shine”
  4. Irina Popa – “Letting Go”
  5. Jukebox – “Come On Everybody”
  6. Mihai Băjinaru – “Never Too Late”
  7. Vanotek ft. The Code & Georgian – “I’m Coming Home”
  8. MIHAI – “Paradisio”
  9. Florena – “Behind The Shadows”
  10. Gașca de Acasă – “Tu Ești Povestea”
  11. Ovidiu Anton – “Moment of Silence”
  12. Xandra – “Superhuman”

The show took place in the city of Baia Mare, and were hosted by Cornel Ilie (front singer of the rock band “VUNK”)Ioana Voicu and from the greenroom Jo(Represented Romania at Junior Eurovision 2009).

Out of the 12 songs that took part, only 6 of the participants could qualify to the final, on the 6th of March. However, the voting system during the semi-final and the final will be different from each other. During the semi-final, the 6 finalists were decided by both Jury & Televoting.

4 songs would qualify to the final, by the help from the jury, while the remaining 2 songs would qualify with the help from viewers around the country.

The Jury consisted by Alexandra Cepraga, Horia Moculescu, Randi, Zoli Toth(Member of Sistem, who represented Romania in 2005) & Cezar Ouatu(Represented Romania in 2013).

During the show, the jury would give the 12 artists a few words after all their performances, and their personal opinion about each songs. After all songs were performed and a small break, the jury panel announced all their points.

After all the jury points were given, the following 4 artists that gathered most points from jury qualified to the final.

  1. Ovidiu Anton – 54 points
  2. Dream Walkers – 47 points
  3. Florena – 44 points
  4. MIHAI – 33 points

After it was revealed who would be the first 4 finalists, the voting could start. From the remaining 8 songs, only 2 could make it to the show on Sunday, and those would be the ones who collected most votes from the viewers, during the 20 minutes the lines were open for voting.

During the televoting, the hosts of the “Selectia Nationala” entertained the public with some of their own compositions.

After the last commercial break, all the artists were called back on stage, to see who would join the already 4 qualified ones, and would still have a chance going to Stockholm, to represent Romania.

The 2 who gathered most televotes were:

  1. Vanotek ft. The Code & Georgian – 984 Votes
  2. Doru Todoruț feat. Irina Baianț – 852 Votes
  3. Xandra – 563 Votes
  4. Mihai Băjinaru – 337 Votes
  5. Jukebox – 333 Votes
  6. Gașca de Acasă – 237 Votes
  7. Irina Popa – 196 Votes
  8. Andra Olteanu – 111 Votes

The 6 finalists will now compete in the final of “Selectia Nationala” to be held now on 6th of March, as well in Baia Mare, where the winner will be decided solely by Televoting.

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