Who will represent Romania, in 2017?
Who will represent Romania, in 2017?

It’s official, Romania will return, when the contest in 2017 takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The EBU and TVR has finally come to an agreement, which makes it possible for Romania to compete once again in the Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore, there is no more reason to speculate about if Romania would take part, or not.

However this does leaves us, with more questions…

First of all, who will represent Romania, in Kyiv? Will Ovidiu be given another chance, and be given the ticket to Kyiv? Maybe he will get a straight pass, to at least compete in the national final? Or maybe something completely else?

Our questions will be answered soon enough of course. However, the deal between the EBU and TVR, involves that over the next 3 years, the debt which is on around 10 Million Euros, will be paid. Which also included in the deal, is that TVR also gets the rights, to broadcast the football World Cup in 2018 & 2022, when the tournaments take place in Russia & Qatar.

The signs for Romania’s return, were also notable, since TVR did keep the rights to broadcast this years Summer Olympics, which took place in Rio, Brazil, back in August. Since the rights of the Summer Olympics, where close to be stripped from TVR as well, since they did lose the rights for the EURO 2016, which took place in France.

Irina Radu, the General Director President of SRTv, has said. “We don’t wish to go through the moments, where we were pulled out of the Eurovision Song Contest, or the moments, when it was clear, that we lost the rights to broadcast the European Championship 2016, in football. I wish we return to the great performance that we had 10 years ago.”

All this was officially confirmed, on the official Romanian Eurovision Facebook page.

As we all know by now, Romania couldn’t take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, earlier this year, due to debts. Which then costed Ovidiu Anton his chance to perform “Moment Of Silence” in Stockholm.

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