Back in the ancient days of December 2021, the Romanian national broadcaster (TVR) officially revealed a total of 46 competing entries for this year’s Romanian national final, so everyone had something to do over the last days of 2021 and first days of 2022, but now that number has finally dropped.

Selecția Națională – Semi-final

We’ve finally reached the day where the semi-final is about to happen, and within these few days, the Romanian national final will go from 46 songs, all the way down to only 10 songs, so let’s have a look at how it all works.

Before Christmas 2021, TVR decided to reveal the 45 songs that would compete in the semi-final of the national final, but after an appeal from a few of the acts that weren’t included, one additional song was added to the line-up, which made it into 46 songs. Since then, nothing has really happened, other than behind closed doors, where videos of each performances were recorded.

All these recordings were now released here a few days ago for the public to see, and for some of the performers, it might now be over before it even has started. A specific jury was in charge over the past few days, in picking 15 out of the original 46 participants, but unfortunately 2 of the acts has since withdrawn themselves from the competition, the two acts are:

  • Barbara Tešija – “Hypnotized
  • Fabi – “That Way

Barbara withdrew on the 5th of February due to undisclosed reasons, while Fabi withdrew after testing positive for COVID-19 on the 9th of February.

In the end, there was only 44 acts left in the competition. As mentioned earlier, a jury would pick 15 of these entries that would advance to the televised semi-final that now takes place on the 12th of February. Meanwhile, a 24 hour long online voting was then launched, where anyone could vote for their favorite act, this vote lasted from 9th – 10th of February 19:00 CET. In total, a total of 20 acts were then picked to compete in the semi-final this Saturday.

These are the lucky 20 who will perform in the live show, competing for the 10 spots into the final: (Alphabetical order:)

  1. Alex Parker & Bastien – “All This Love”
  2. Aldo Blaga – “Embers”
  3. Andra Oproiu – “Younique”
  4. Andrei Petruș – “Take Me”
  5. ARIS – Do Svidaniya
  6. Cezar Ouatu – For Everyone
  7.  Cream, Minodora & Diana – “România Mea”
  8. Dora Gaitanovici – “Ana”
  9. E-an-na – “Malere”
  10. Eliza G – “The Other Half of Me”
  11. Eugenia Nicolae ft. Cazanoi Brother – “Doina”
  12. Gabriel Basco – “One Night”
  13. Kyrie Mendél – “Hurricane”
  14. Mălina – “Prisoner”
  15. MØISE – “Guilty”
  16. Oana Tăbultoc – “Utopia”
  17. PETRA – “Ireligios”
  18. VANU – “Never Give Up”
  19. Vizi – “Sparrow”
  20. WRS – Llámame

It was also revealed which 15 was picked by the jury and which which 5 acts were picked by the televote, the ones picked by the televote are marked as both italic and bold above. The show will be hosted by Anca Mazilu & Bogdan Stănescu, meanwhile the green room host will be Ilinca Băcilă (who represented Romania in 2017).

Romania was represented by Roxen in 2021 and her song “Amnesia“, she unfortunately didn’t manage to qualify for the final and Romania extended their non-qualification to 3 years in a row.

Among the 20 acts left, who do #YOU want to represent Romania, and which 10 do #YOU even think will qualify to the final? Our social media sites is always open for #YOU to share your thoughts with us, as well as our forum HERE.

Source(s): – Facebook (In Romanian)

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