During this week, we have asked #YOU to have your say on the three shows happening across Europe tonight, and we can now reveal all of the results! Do #YOU agree with the thoughts of the readers and viewers of ESC United?


It’s a big win in our poll for Nina Kraljić’s Alkonost of Balkan, who picked up 62% of the votes in our poll for her entry “Rijeka”. In a distant second, it is Bernarda Brunović on 9% for her second bid to represent Croatia at Eurovision, followed by Cambi on 7%.

The full poll results are as follows;

  1. Alkonost of Balkan – 62%
  2. Bernarda Brunović – 9%
  3. Cambi – 7%
  4. Mia Negovetić – 6%
  5. Albina Grčić – 5%
  6. Eric Vidović – 4%
  7. Filip Rudan – 4%
  8. Ella Orešković – 2%
  9. Beta Sudar – 1%
  10. Brigita Vuco – 1%
  11. 4 acts – 0%


IMERIKA took the main plaudits and picked up almost half of the votes in the final Melodi Grand Prix semi-final poll, earning 49% of the votes for her track “I Can’t Escape”. Second place went to the country pop stylings of RIVER on 28%, with Ane.Fin on 12% narrowly ahead of the country rap group TuVeia with 11%. Will this be how it transpires in tonight’s show?


In probably some quite unsurprising news, given how popular she was in last year’s contest, 58% of those polled named Dotter as the Melodifestivalen act they were most looking forward to in tonight’s show with “Little Tot”. There wasn’t much to pick apart between the other six entries but it seems that the other DTF act should be Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos according to our poll, with 14% of the vote.

Here’s how the full result looks according to #YOU!

  1. Dotter – 58%
  2. Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – 14%
  3. Anton Ewald – 12%
  4. Julia Alfrida – 7%
  5. WAHL ft. SAMI – 5%
  6. Frida Green – 3%
  7. Patrik Jean – 2%

Will these results be reflected across Europe? Not long left until tonight’s evening shows kick off and we can find out!

Do #YOU agree with the results of our polls? Have the voters underrated any of tonight’s entries? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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