With just one month left before EMA kicks off, the euphoria among fans and performers is growing bigger and bigger. The snippets are eagerly awaited, but till then, escYOUnited continue to bring you exclusive interviews.

This one is reserved for Nuška Drašček, who was a member of Perpetuum Jazzile, she has also participated in the Slovenian version of the show Your face sounds familiar, she sang Disney’s hit song Let it go from Frozen for the Slovenian dub and also Nuška has participated at EMA in 2006 and 2009.

Nuška, you have already participated at EMA. What did motivate you to apply again?

– Honestly, I’ve been thinking about it for some time, I’d been more than happy to try again, but somehow things weren’t lined up, hahaha! 🙂
However, this year, DBW Productions contacted me and they’ve offered me few songs, and this one, which I chose, just hit me and it is in fact the biggest reason why I’ve decided to apply – I have a song that I think is just right for EMA and Eurovision!

You have a lot of festival experience, especially at international ones. Do you think that will give you some advantage over the other EMA participants?

– Surely every experience gives you something, with each step a person can have a little more confidence, but the truth is that we are all equal on every festival in a way, all in the same boat, with a porch and expectations, so the only thing you can do in these situations is to do your best.

Speaking of other EMA participants, who do you think will be your biggest the competitor?

– A lot of great performers this year have made the cut. I think that the competition will be among songs and performances… I can not wait to hear all the songs! 🙂

Can you tell us something about your song?

– The song really touched me first time I listened to it and immediately I was able to visualize it on the stage…
The producers had an interesting vision of my voice, so I sound like me, but again a bit different… I had a great time working on the song and I just can’t wait to present it.
It is a little different, even sounds like it’s made for a movie and definitely it’s something I’ve never had done before!

What’s your favorite Eurovision song?

– Wooooow, it’s a long list… Surely Waterloo, Ne partez pas sans moi, Rock Me Baby, Hold me now, Lane moje, Molitva, Marija Magdalena, Euphoria, Every way that I can, Wild dances, Prisluhni mi… I would hardly pick only one, really, there’s a lot of amazing ones!

And would you be kind enough to unravel our readers some interesting detail about yourself? 🙂

– Hmmm… Interesting question… 🙂
Maybe a little bit of my academic success.
I aced the Slovenian version of SAT tests and I won first place in the state competition in the knowledge of the French language. I am fluent in English and French, quite good in German and Spanish, and speak a little bit of Italian and Portuguese. 😉

Nuška, thank you so much for your time. 🙂

– It was my pleasure! 🙂

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