For the second night in a row – Bună seara Moldova! – “O Melodie Pentru Europa” has concluded, and as the title of the Moldovan national final says, a melody for Europe, is indeed what we now have.

The Show

Last night, we covered the semi-final, and gave you the entire story of the selection process of Moldova’s national selection. This time, let’s try a different perspective, by telling in details, results are listed around the bottom.

Opening the grand show, we had the dear Lidia Isac, who represented Moldova last year, in Stockholm. Sadly as we know, she didn’t qualify to the final, and even finished second to last in the semi-final. Yet, she still managed to give a glorious performance of her song “Falling Stars”.

Afterwards, we got introduced to our dear hosts, they then had to clear out the rules. Tonight, the winner was this time decided by a combined jury and televote, each having 50% of the outcome, and that televoters, could only vote once per number. We also got introduced to the juries, which are not all the same, as who were judging in the semi-final. Then finally, some mentions to the sponsors of course. 🙂

  1. Sunstroke Project during the final

    Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma
    We all know them and love them, and especially the main focus every time, which is Epic Sax Guy. The boys from Sunstroke Project gave us an epic performance, along with 3 bridesmaids as their backing vocalists.

  2. Samir Loghin – Glow
    Samir was a very lucky guy, who originally didn’t qualify, but managed to make it to the national final, after some others were disqualified.
    The performances matched the style of the song “Glow”, having traditional Asian costumes for the 2 dancers, and 2 backing vocals fully dressed in glowing white.
  3. Valeria Pașa – Freedom
    A very simple performance of “Freedom”, Valeria Pașa singing in front of the audience with all her energy, to deliver the best performance for the song. Along with her, she had 4 backing vocalists behind her.
  4. Aurel Chirtoacă – Dor De Mama
    He’s a real mama’s boy, but in the end, we might all be that. Aurel stood with pride singing a tribute to his and all the moms around the world. Very confident performance, but without any kind of eye candy.
  5. Diana Brescan – Breathe
    “You can breathe, if you want to breath”, that’s a life lesson right there! Anyways, Diana took care of the performance pretty much by herself, with 2 backing vocalists on the sides. She also performed in bare feet, what a trend that has become.
  6. Marks & Ștefăneț – Join Us In The Rain
    Fast note, this song was written by Ralph Siegel, now you know. Anyways, a simple duet with a little connection between the 2 front singers, otherwise they pretty much do, what you’d expect them to, which is singing. Marks & Ștefăneț were backed up by 4 backing vocalists, which didn’t offer the greatest help.
  7. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu during the final

    Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu – Discover Moldova
    Hai li li li, Tara inimi – This is without a doubt, the most traditional song in the competition, and also the 2nd big favorite of the night. This song is meant for those who love their country Moldova. A rather flawless performance as well.

  8. Vozniuc feat. Vio Grecu – Don’t Lie
    The last act of the night, it has to be said as well, this song was only 5 televotes from being eliminated. The song was performed with loads of fire and pyrotechnics, but did seem like a mess on stage.

At this point, we had all the competitors on stage, so now it was all about waiting for the results, while we had a few guest performances from various artists.

While we awaited the results, Lidia Isac came back on stage, to give us a mini concert with multiple songs performed by herself.

The Results

The moment that we have waited for, first it was time for the jury to give away the results, in the way they have voted. The artist or group that finished on top with juries, would receive the 12 points, runner-up would get 10 points, and so on. After the jury points were revealed, the top 3 looked the following way:

  1. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu – 90 Points – Coverted to 12 points
  2. Sunstroke Project – 88 Points – Converted to 10 points
  3. Diana Brescan – 80 Points – Converted to 8 points

The jury voting was a tight race, among the top 3, while the rest didn’t really stand a chance, but the points get’s converted, so it still meant, that everyone had a chance to win. In case of a tie in Moldova, it is the ones, who got most amount of 12 points from the jury who decides the winner, so at this point, everything was very open.

With the televote results coming out to the public, the final scores ended as follow in the top 2:

  1. Sunstroke Project – 22 points
  2. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu – 22 points

Rest of the competing acts, where nowhere near the 2 favorites, and since it was clear, that top 2 ended in a tie, it all came down to a fast and very exciting announcement from the hosts.

Sunstroke Project was declared the winners, with most set of 12 points from the jury, and will once again represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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