Let’s go back just only a few weeks, rumors had it that Moldova’s national broadcaster (TRM) would go with an internal selection for only the second time since their debut back in 2005. These rumors almost came true, but after the live auditions had taken place, TRM confirmed that they would go with a national final, because of the great quality of songs and here we have are today!

O Melodie Pentru Europa 2020

With that said, it was decided that 20 acts from the live auditions would make it to the final round. The final round being the broadcasted national final which featured these acts:

  1. Denis Midone – “Like A Champion
  2. Natalia Goridenko – “Prison
  3. Geta Burlacu – “Răspunde”
  4. Viorela Moraru – “Remedy
  5. Valentin Uzun & Irina Kovalsky – “Moldovița
  6. Lavinia Rusu – “Touch
  7. Dima Jelezoglo – “Do It Slow
  8. Diana Rotaru – “Dale Dale
  9. Pasha Parfeny – “My Wine
  10. Live Beat – “Love Me Now
  11. Valeria Pasa – “It’s Time
  12. Maria Ciolac – “Our Home
  13. Sasha Letty – “Summer of Love
  14. Irina Kit – “Chain Reaction
  15. Petronela Donciu & Andreea Portarescu – “We Will Be Legends
  16. LANJERON – “Hi Five
  17. Julia Ilienko & Mishel Dar – “Tears
  18. Catarina Sandu – “Die For You
  19. Alexandru Cibotaru – “Cine Te-a Facut Sa Plîngi
  20. Maxim Zavidia – “Take Control

However, despite 20 acts were originally selected for the national final, it would appear that Geta Burlacu, the Moldovan representative from 2008, decided to withdraw right before the final. Reason for her withdrawal was due to personal reasons, so only 19 acts competed for the ticket to Rotterdam.

After all the acts had their chance to perform on stage, then we were greeted with a former Moldovan representative, who would entertain while the votes were getting counted. Viewers had the pleasure of seeing Natalia Barbu seeing with the national orchestra, she represented Moldova back in 2007 with this song “Fight” which finished 10th in Helsinki.


With the combining powers of the jury and the televote, each having 50% of the final outcome, they decided together which of the 19 acts, would go on to represent Moldova in Rotterdam.

The jury were first to give out their points and after the points were awarded by each jury member, the votes were converted into the simply Eurovision set of points, with the highest being awarded 12 points, 2nd highest 10 points and all the way down to 1 point.

The top 3 after the jury votes were as follow:

  1. Natalia Gordienko – 12 points
  2. Pasha Parfeny – 10 points
  3. Maxim Zavidia – 8 points

Straight after the jury votes, we saw the entire table for the votes given by the public, the top 3 were as follow:

  1. Natalia Gordienko – 3022 votes – 12 points
  2. Pasha Parfeny – 1617 votes – 10 points
  3. Catarina Sandu – 824 votes – 8 points

After combining both score table, the top 3 was as follow:

  1. Natalia Gordienko – 24 points
  2. Pasha Parfeny – 20 points
  3. Maxim Zavidia – 15 points

With that, Natalia Gordienko will now represent Moldova once again, she also represented Moldova back in 2006 along with Arsenium & Connect-R with the song “Loca“.

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