And it’s a wrap! Mimicat just won Festival da Cançao 2023 and earn the right the represent Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with the song “Ai Coração“. That means we know all the acts that will compete in Liverpool and the national final season of 2023 has finally comes to an end.

Festival da Canção 2023

As a recap on what has happened, the past two weeks, we saw all 20 acts battle it out for a spot in the grand final of Festival da Canção 2023, and tonight, only 13 of those acts still remained in the race for the possibility to represent Portugal, at the contest in Liverpool.

As a reminder, these were the 13 acts of the final: (In order of performance)

  1. Cláudia Pascoal – “Nasci Maria
  2. Churky – “Encruzilhada
  3. Esse Povo – “Sapatos de Cimento
  4. Bárbara Tinoco – “Goodnight
  5. You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – “Constraste Mudo
  6. Voodoo Marmalade – “Tormento
  7. Inês Apenas – “Fim Do Mundo
  8. Mimicat – “Ai Coração
  9. Dapunksportif – “World Needs Therapy
  10. Neon Soho – “Endless World
  11. Ivandro – “Povo
  12. Edmundo Inácio – “A Festa
  13. SAL – “Viver

The show was hosted by Filomena Cautela and Vasco Palmeirim, and featured various kind of interval acts, including a performance from Portugal’s representative from 2022, MARO.


In pure Eurovision style, the final of the Portuguese national final was decided by both the televote and juries, with each having 50% of the final decision.

Starting with the juries, who first presented their scores for the 13 participants. The juries were split into 7 regions across Portugal, who one by one presented their scores, where after the final jury, the top 3 was as follow:

  1. Edmundo Inácio – “A Festa” – 12 points
    Mimicat – “Ai Coração” – 12 points
  2. Cláudia Pascoal – “Nasci Maria” – 8 points

Since both Mimicat and Edmundo Inácio tied at the end of the jury vote, with both getting 66 points, then both got to share the maximum score of 12 points, when they were converted.

Despite the tie between the two jury favorites, the televote still had to award their points, and in such a situation, the televote was given full charge of picking the winner at the end. Unfortunately for Cláudia Pascoal, she could not maintain her close run with the two other contenders, as she scored rather lower with the televote, than the jury.

In the end, the televote did indeed agree with the top 2 of the regional juries, but with Edmundo Inácio scoring the 10 points from the televote, the 12 points were up for the grab, and Mimicat claimed them as well! With that, she will now represent Portugal in Liverpool.

Are #YOU happy with the winner in Portugal and where do #YOU see Portugal finishing in Liverpool?
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