In a new series of editorials I will be looking at some of the songs I feel unfairly missed out on making the Eurovision finals. 2015 is great year, but let’s remind ourselves of what could’ve been…

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Oh Lindita, how we miss you...
Oh Lindita, how we miss you…

Admittedly, once all has been said and done and the ink has dried on Albania’s paperwork for 2015, their end result is a great, well-rounded entry that is as infuriatingly infectious as the common cold. But back in snowy December when Festivali i Këngës crowned Elhaida Dani’s original entry “Diell” as the victor, I felt angry. Like many on our forum, I was dissapointed that such an insipid non-descript entry could triumph over something truly incredible and epic. That epic song (which only came 3rd!?) was the mesmering Lindita Halimi’s “S’të fal”.

Was it over the top? Was it bonkers? Of course, and in spades – the four minute composition saw vocal gymnastics that would put many divas to shame and a jarring composition at odds with the usual fodder of Festivali i Këngës, a final that in recent years has had its fair share of old-fashioned and drab performances. So when the jury started to reward “Diell” with top marks (how could you Rona?) while even spurning the more interesting second placed Bojken Lako Band, I was incredulous. And the Lindita hype train shuddered to an emergency stop just before the final station of Vienna in dramatic fashion.

Now, four months later, Elhaida is still Albania’s representative, but thankfully “Diell” has been ditched – sorry, withdrawn – in favour of a song penned by the same team behind “S’të fal” and the feelings of what has been lost have subsided. “I’m Alive” is a fantastic entry for Albania and could really surprise next month. But when it comes to the Balkan nation’s slot in the first semi-final, there will be a slight twinge of regret for there being no Lindita in Vienna.

Remind yourself of Elhaida’s original entry below:

Do you agree? Should “S’të fal” have won or are you satisfied with the outcome for Albania this year? Let us know your thoughts on this article in the comments below or join the discussion on our forum!

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