You can call him a veteran of the Latvian national final, as this will be his 4th time participating. Markus is not only a singer, he also works as a songwriter, producer, DJ, actor, model, video director and TV host, but luckily he found some time to speak with us.

Fans from our forum wanted to know; are you gonna keep coming to the Latvian national final until you win and go to represent your country at Eurovision?

I know that some people are not happy with the fact that I am back, to tell the truth – giving up is always much easier! But it is not me!
I am happy that there are still so many fans and supporters who want to see me in the competition and we are gonna do our best! I am so thankful for that support! I felt that I should do it this year with DYNAMITE. I am always hoping to win!

Is there a story behind your song? Where did you find inspiration for it?

It is very personal and speaks about my feelings in this period, too many emotions to handle, so it really feels like sometimes you’re gonna explode. I always perform songs that come from my own experience. I hope we’re gonna make the connection during the live shows.

Who do you think is your biggest support?

My fans! I could not be where I am without them. They bring me joy and much inspiration. They support me in every way they can. And I feel so happy when I can do what I love and inspire other lives in a good way. I have received so many letters from my fans saying how much my music has changed their lives. It is a blessing.

This is your fourth entry in Latvian national final, but can you tell us which one is your favorite? Lights on, Take me down, I can or Dynamite?

I don’t know, every year it feels different. All of the songs play a big role in my life.

I know it is probably an even harder question, but, what is your favorite Eurovision song?

A Million Voices by Polina, I feed you my love by Margaret, Loreen’s Euphoria and some others… I have some of them in my playlist.

Can you please tell us something interesting about you? Something that people usually don’t know. 

Well, this is the hardest question. Are you up for something scandalous? 🙂
I don’t know how much google has in store…
Maybe the fact that I almost got married 7 years ago. 🙂

And do you have any message for the ESC fans all around the world?

In this hard period of our century, stay positive and kind, don’t lose humanity! 🙂


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