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Here, exclusively with ESC United, we have an interview with the JESC 2015 participant for Ukraine, Anna Trincher. Anna has been on such a journey since JESC. I learnt a lot whilst communicating with Anna for this interview, even wrote in Ukrainian 🙂  I asked Anna some questions to get to know more about her.


Your JESC 2015 entry is called ‘Start with yourself’ could you tell us a bit about the song please?

Song’s name is Start With Yourself. If a person wants to change something in the world, one has to start changing himself first. Everything that happens and surrounds us – good and bad – is our own creation. Therefore, we are the only ones who are able and responsible to change anything around us; it’s all in your hands.

One of the conditions for the selection in this contest was to sing a bard song. Who helped you to create it?

The music was written by Vadim Lisitsa, and lyrics by Alyosha. When I first heard it I absolutely didn’t like it. However, when we start practicing and working on music and adding some of my own vocal warm up (singing without words) I didn’t even notice how I felt it love with it?

Do you keep in touch with Vadim and Alyosha? Will they support you on this contest?

Yes, they will totally support me! We maintain relationships with each other, mainly professional relationships. They advise me on many matters. In 2010 Alyosha represented Ukraine in Eurovision, and now she shares with me her secrets and skills.

How was the Junior Eurovision experience and would you do it again given the chance?

This contest taught me to never give up and move forward no matter what. It is a hectic atmosphere and priceless experience, which in my opinion, every artist should undergo.

Do you have a supportive network of people around you during events like JESC?

Of course there is. It is my audience and my viewers for whom I design the art of music. They are the people who inspire me, always support me, create various social network groups, and I with great pleasure read what do they have say about me.

Do you feel that JESC has helped you gain more confidence ready for a mainstream music career?

Sure, as I just said, it is a priceless experience with storm of unforgettable emotions. After JESC I have become more confident on stage and learnt how to fully express myself for the pleasure of my viewers.

Can you see yourself representing Ukraine at ESC one day?

Yes, I would love to represent Ukraine on adult Eurovision, but I have to think first because it is on a completely different level that requires extensive preparations. We shall see what awaits me in the future.

Who is your favourite Ukrainian ESC participant ever and why?

First and foremost it is Ruslana. She brought a victory to Ukraine, and made a spectacular performance that stunned the audience! Also, equally well represented the country –Zlata Ognevich and Ani Lorak.

Can you sing in any other Languages other then Ukrainian and English?

Yes I sing. My repertoire includes Turkish and Russian songs, previously I used to sing in Hebrew as well. I am willing to learn various songs on different languages; it is always new and exciting experience for me.

How do balance your schooling with your current music career?

It is crucial to have an aspiration; if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to achieve anything. It is not easy to combine activities that are both pleasant and beneficial but I try to advance in every undertaking.

When competing in a singing competition do you have any lucky rituals or charms you do before you go on stage?

I don’t have any rituals; mainly I need to concentrate on my performance and drink plenty of water. I always tells me, “Why are you always so concerned, you have performed a thousand times!” and somehow I stop feeling worried.

Thank you Anna for taking the time to answer these questions for us, it was a real pleasure. Keep up to date with ESC United, and we will bring you the video of Pochny z sebe ‘Start with yourself’ as soon as it premiers on Anna’s youtube channel.

I (Sadie) absolutely loved Anna’s performance from JESC. Very artistic, and such a powerful voice for such a young talented girl. The competition was very fierce, and I have always supported Anna. Anna has competed in various song contests before this one, and she has been amazing throughout them all, she is such a trooper and doesn’t let anything hold her back. I look forward to seeing more of Anna on the Ukrainian and International music scene.


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