Rehearsal time is quickly approaching and ESC United will of course be in Vienna to keep you updated about all the happenings over there. There will be rehearsal reports, videos, interviews, vlogs and many other things. This year we want you to get to know our team beforehand – it’s time for our last member of the team – Anselm.



Name: Anselm
Nickname: Most people just call me by my name… but Ans works too

Country: Austria
Profession: Uni student
Languages: German, English, Italian (kinda), French (I wish it were a lot better though…), Turkish (basics)

Three fears: Wasps, diseases and… tripping over
Three things you dislike: Close-mindedness, fake people, discrimination
Three things you like: Cacti, good music, ESC United

Favourite movie: Hard to pick one… but recently I enjoyed Leviathan a lot
Favourite food: Pasta, sushi
Favourite drink: ice-cold water, wine

First Eurovision memory: Romania in 2003… I remember being weirdly fascinated by that performance
Favourite Eurovision song: Dansevise (Denmark 1963)
Eurovisions visited: Vienna will be my first one

Eurovision 2015 expectations: Have as much fun as possiblee since I doubt ESC will be hosted again in the city I live in
Eurovision 2015 favourite entry: Latvia (hence the Latvian flag in my picture)

Would you like to join in on our “Get To Know Me Tag“? Just copy the sample, fill in your own answers and post them here. If you have any other questions about the team and how things will work in Vienna  you can also ask those in the same thread. 

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