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  • haha, hello Peter:)
    Yes thank you! I am happy to become an uncle once again....however it is close;) But in Friday I will go to Zagreb, to make some stuffs so I ll visit my brother, sister in law and a nephew:) He ll be happy to see me lol;) He didn't go to the kindergarten today, will be at home for whole week, doctor said it's better sollution, although he is feeling better already now. So I am looking forward for Friday!
    So you are the only (one born son) in your family? Didn't know that.

    Greetings from cold, windy and rainy Virovitica

    Good morning Vatroslav.
    These are really good news. So congratulations to get uncle once again. I never can be uncle because I don´t have any brother or sister.
    I feel a little bit better today, but I can rest at home the whole week. So I don´t have to work today.
    I think it´s better to lie in the bed.
    I´m watching "Akte X" meanwhile. I have the whole serie on DVD. It´s also interesting nowerdays, allthough it´s 15 years old.
    So I wish you a nice day and I´m looking forward to your next message.
    Greetings from Germany (Peter Pan)
    Hi Vatroslav.
    It´s ok, but I have headache and a little bit temperature. But I hope, it will be better soon.
    How are you???
    Greetings from Peter Pan. :D
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