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  • Hey Anna, can i send my reju votes to someone else? Kris has reached the limit of pms and the ddl is in 15 minutes.
    Sorry, didn't see this until now! :( He says he would clear his inbox asap, but I would suspect you should have been able to send your votes to the WV mod account/one of the WV mods and just notify the host that's where you've sent them. But again, it might be too late now.
    That's OK, I had the suspicion that someone here acted like the Russian government, and bans messages with his name. :lol:

    Get well soon! :)
    Hey! I sent you a PM. Have you got it? I have a serious suspicion that someone "boycotts" the private messages, when a certain username is included. I sent to someone else a PM with that username included, and I didn't get a reply either. :eek: (Or it's just conspiracy theories and you're just busy and didn't have time to reply :lol: )
    Aw sorry, I can’t right now, Anna. I’ve only got my tablet with me and I’ve never been able to get the plug app to play videos. Hope you have fun though.
    That’s no problem. I just wanted to know where you are for if ever the chance did come up for a session. I understand it’s important you’re in the same world to play, though I did read with the upcoming expansion you’ll be able to visit other worlds freely to team up with anyone. I don’t even know if I’ll find myself getting back into it but worth a try. Last time I was a lancer. I’ll let you know though if and when I get a character set up anyway, so we can at least exchange... whatever it is you exchange in that game? Friend invitations? Anyway, (try to) enjoy Eurovision tonight. I noticed you’ve got the two same faves as me in semi 1xheartxheat This year isn’t quite as tragic for me as it is for you cause I do have some really solid favourites with songs I’ve ranked 10/10, but so much bland stuff this year. Majority of songs I haven’t even bothered to add to a playlist.
    Hey Anna. Just wondering what Final Fantasy server or world (whatever it’s called) you’re on? I’m downloading the trial right now. Perhaps would be nice to meet up and play some if I find myself getting into it again. Unfortunately I’m going to have to start all over again as my character was apparently deleted back in 2018 as the ps3 version of the game went offline, and I missed the opportunity to move my character to a different platform.
    I've came to regretting it quite a couple of times, however, to prevent myself from staying I kept writing that I am withdrawing in like every post I made so far - to make it look bad if I'd stay lol.

    So, I am withdrawing from NSC.
    I love how you exactly explained my personality as I explained it through the PM but before you even received it xheat ahaha that is some crazy sixth sense ability. You're a very smart and wise individual Anna! xheart
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