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  • Hey! :)
    Could you please clear your inbox because I can't send you all my "Effifestivalen 3" entries.
    ah sounds interesting! is it possible for non-members to check out the songs that people are sending?
    Hey, no worries I got it. :) Sorry for not responding yet, I'm SO busy making all these semi final banners, while simultaneously being sick with fever. I'll have to respond later this week but there's no boycott from me.
    xbirthday sweety! :D xlove I hope you'll get only the best , as a married lady now, in this new year of your life. OMG it seems that it was yesterday that you were only 23, when we first started to chat as forum friends! :eek: :eek: xheart :Time has really flown by since then! :D Good to have you back! xrunhug
    it was rather like you disappeared forever :/

    Iirc you sent a really good song to NRG and then you quit and I gave you 12 and you were disqualified ;( like why
    ah hah hah :') I really miss Atsoumpalia tho, had you voted in your last ever edition you'd have been in Top 10 :$

    (Also you made a video with someone about ISC lol I remember and I loved it xheart)

    It's fine, you're welcome whenever you decide to come back! xrunhug
    Fotiana una na

    Hi, if you don't remember me, I'm Aurora from .net xheart I came to say that I miss you and ask if you'd be down for returning to ISC as well. Cheers!
    OMG!!! So happy to see you back! xheat xheat xcheer xcheer xheart xheart
    It has been so long since you left, I hope everything is fine with you and once again, so so happy to see you back! xrunhug xrunhug
    We must talk in more details, big PM on horizon! :mrgreen:
    Hey :D ! Welcome backkkk !! I was not here when you were in the forum,but by your posts, I already saw that you are a legend here :). I'm in the forum for 1 year, my name is João and I'm from Portugal. Of course welcome to FSC .

    All the best
    See you laterxheart
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