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    I was really unhappy for Lena too. My username comes from Lena + Satellite btw. She was my favourite in ESC 2010. :p Well, but as you mentioned it was still great for her to sit with world stars, I hope she'll be a world star in future too. I agree, I'd love to see Adele getting an award. =(
    I totally agree, she was the shining star of the night. She owned it imo. Well, I must say that I falled in love with the performance and the moon themed stage. I also LOVED the choreography, it's just catchy and I have already started to practise it myself. I'm so happy that she won most of the awards and I also cried with her when she cried. And, it was one of the bests things to have best fan award! I'm proud to be a Little Monster! xheart
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