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  1. Moldova MOLDOVA 2022 - Zdob și Zdub & Frații Advahov - Trenulețul

    @AlekS, was that due to the previous Director General? And is this one more West-oriented or what to expect? I love your insight on the Eastern countries btw, that's what brings me to this forum except .net sometimes :) Keep up the awesome job!
  2. Morocco MOROCCO 2021 - Not taking part

    So you think Morocco is more than glad to show Conchita Wurst etc? If Turkey/Hungary aren't participating I don't think Morocco will either :p
  3. Andorra ANDORRA 2021

    In the end of july 2014 Czech Republic also said they wouldnt be back for 2015 ;)
  4. Cyprus CYPRUS 2021 - Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo

    Noooo, is this real? Where did you find this? dead
  5. Cyprus CYPRUS 2021 - Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo

    Well if you read the article you can see the contract of 2020 stipulates that the artist in 2021 HAS to be someone famous in the Greek/Cypriotic artist circle, and if not just be a Cypriot. So probably there was some dissatisfaction when picking him firstly already about him clearly having 0...
  6. Andorra ANDORRA 2021

    Wait is he from Andorra? If yes we really have our artist for 2021 then!
  7. Turkey TURKEY 2021 - not taking part

    Every year someone says Turkey will come back but it always turns out to not happen so I don't think we should have a lot of attention for this message
  8. EUROVISION 2021 - General Discussion Thread

    I would not get my hopes up for Hungary! My ideal scenario would be 41 + Montenegro + Andorra + Kazachstan! We need that comeback power for the biggest ESC 2021 to celebrate (hopefully) post-corona times!
  9. Andorra ANDORRA 2021

    No, Susanne proposed it to the government, not to the broadcaster. It could thus be that the broadcaster didn't even knew about the plans.
  10. Andorra ANDORRA 2021

    That's correct
  11. Andorra ANDORRA 2021 So apparently Susanne found the money to participate and will ask the government to respond!
  12. Albania ALBANIA 2021 - Anxhela Peristeri - Karma

    What's the reason? I didn't care about the sterile song anymore after the revamp so I don't think I'll miss her too much honestly.
  13. EUROVISION 2021 - General Discussion Thread

    I agree I think 2020 is the year to financially help e.g. Slovakia & Bosnia for once and make sure they can enter. Also just allow Kazachstan & Kosovo, like for f*cks sake...
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