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  • Aww buddy, you're a legend! Thank you so much! Will get that posted with the full show later today ;)
    Hey buddy - if you get the semi 2 recap finished before you turn in for the night, feel free to post it in the Semi 2 thread since I won't be up for another 8 hours. Thanks again for your help, it's awesome! xclap
    Oh my LORD!! You have just made my night - what an outstanding recap, love the intro and comedic ending with the voting DDL! It ties so nicely into my idea for the semi-final results show as well, so bravo! xclap
    That would be amazing buddy - since my laptop wifi connection died, it was gonna be almost impossible for me to do recaps, which was disappointing. If you could do them, I'd really appreciate it - let me send over the recap start times that people requested for reference, some people either didn't choose a time or left it open to the recapper.

    Thanks again - let me know if you need anything else xup
    Hi Care Bear, Aurora here. As your last visit in this forum happened later than in .net, maybe reminding you here for to send me your Melting Pot entries will do just the trick? Do it now or you'll be replaced... on your birthday... again...
    New Jersey? Gaah – I remember you mentioned your state in the V thread. I even went back there while doing my guesses to check on the state, so I was 100% positive those weren’t the Massachusetts license plates. You have me fooled there, kudos for that. (':
    Oh my god I am so sorry, I didn't see your msg. Am I too late? If not, I would like from 2:29 on. But if it is too late never mind. Thxxx hughughug
    Aww, you remembered! xrunhug Thank you a whole lot!

    I suppose you saw it on .net? :lol: Apparently there’s a bug on this forum which results in it not being displayed here. Oh well.

    Anyway, thanks!
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