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  • Omg super busy weekend - was Mother's Day in UK and also celebrating my father's birthday. Was away with work in England from Thursday so haven't had much free time. I'm also out tomorrow night - could quickly listen now and send some votes, but might not be the most measured decision. Sorry hunneh xcry
    oh Interesting, I wonder what the dance-pop for Iran was? :mrgreen: I just took Greece in WV, and actually I've got a future NF going on at the moment that has Otherview in it, although with another song. Tora I Pote is super great though. It was amusing to see them in your NF also. :lol: Greece is so rich in great music, It's a shame there isn't great appreciate for it in NSC or WV for that matter. Btw Eleni has an new song out on the 5th called Sirens, the name intrigues me. I hope it is good, for me her recent songs Tómame was ok and Triumph was kind of meh.
    A joj :lol: Moram uskoro da se vratim i ja na takmicenja, bar na jedno...bas mi nedostaju. A imacu i vise vremena uskoro pa taman xcheer
    Yes, lets hope we can keep it up and not fall down the scoreboard. :lol: It's a shame you wont be in the next edition, but i'm very interested in this new and original NF you've got planned. You'll have to remind me closer to the time. :D

    Yes, ex-yugo NF sounds hot. xheat I'm definitely looking forward to that one. I think I might plan a NF at some point, as I keep listing up loads of songs I want to send. XD
    Hey Juki! I reckon it sounds like a great plan! I'm going to be doing a themed NF very soon (maybe for next edition) with all 80's Italo Disco and Hi-NRG tracks that have meant a great deal to me during my childhood years xlove
    Awesome hunnej, look forward to seeing them! Hope that you also find some songs you like in my NF - just about to post it in my thread ;)
    Heyyy! :D very tired with work, lack of sleep and double WV hosting. :lol: Woah super hot NF making a come back. xbow Solentoya will find time to vote for sure.
    Hey Juki - no need to check for my friend's registration, she managed to get on - email seemed to be delayed ;)
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