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  • Nah we did not sing it, but I did play her a part on my phone before class while talking to her about it and she kinda started translating it! :D

    We did sing 韦唯 - 一二三四五六七 though during class when we were learning "Ni jia zai nali?"
    so we did the
    yi er san si wu liu qi
    wo de pengyou zai nali?
    zai nanjing zai shanghai
    wo de pengyou zai zheli
    part was like kinda connected to what we were learning...

    ofc I made it political during the class and wrote down this on a note and gave it to the teacher
    yi er san si wu qi qi (vučić serbias president)
    wo de qian zai nali?
    zai (Belgrade) zai nouweisade
    wo de qian bu zai zheli
    I already started to have various languages in NFs (even the ones I never had before) :D

    And now Swedish folk mashup song (like a mix of folk and dance) has won in my NF, definitely something I've never sent before :D
    Hee Nati!

    I showed Er Wo to my Chinese teacher I was like look I understand this part 下心中的那 and this part 而我的心 of consecutive characters lach and she thought I like singing because I looked up the lyrics and wanted us to sing it to the class lel.
    Heenati xcheer what's up :D

    BTW, I am close to putting 1 Vietnamese song to NF in the future (or even sending it to NSC internal) :eek: I decided to try 1 Hebrew song in this NF instead of it, but I am 99% sure for next NF
    Since your inbox is full :D

    Hi! Thank you! :)

    I've got your backup entry, but feel free to PM me the moment you got the video you want. I'll be working on NSC only late tonight (I'm in the USA) so you have a few more hours to find it! And even if it's later, still feel free to try. I'm not the strictest. :D
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    xheart lel this is so strajkerish sorry.
    Oh wait, now I see it, hah. I’ve already copied and posted them myself, but thanks a lot for doing this! xrose
    First Orian, then you – why do all the people with NFs have full inboxes? Make some space, then I’ll vote.
    Sure, no problem (: I just have to warn you that I might not make it to the first half-hour of the LL or so, but I’ll be around for the rest of the show.
    Hey :D If you’d like to co-host, feel free to do so! In my opinion, the semi LL should begin at 15:30 CET, so it ends about half an hour before Eurovision NFs start. Are you fine with this?
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