Rotterdam, 8 May 2021

Can you hear them? We sure did, as Sweden become the fourth country to rehearse in Rotterdam today. Find out more below:

Country: Sweden (#SWE)
Act: Tusse
Song:  Voices
Semifinal: First (18/05/2021)
Position in Running Order: 04/16

For this report, we will first point you towards the live from Melodifestivalen, and point out the differences:

First and foremost, Tusse has changed his outfit for the occasion, now sporting a sleeveless red velvet jacket, his arms adorned with giant silver embellished bracelets. His fingernails have been painted a bright yellow for the occasion.

The dancers are featured a bit more prominently in the performance, emerging from the background a bit sooner. The colour palette has been altered to a more warmer pale orange as opposed to silver.

Tusse himself is also more approachable, displaying more personality than he did during Melfest.

The real dealmaker for Sweden is the use of augmented reality during the bridge. For a very brief moment, Tusse’s dancers are “projected” into the backdrops, with many silhouette’s joining them. It looks rather impressive.

There are a few negatives however. Tusse, who is still recovering from vocal chord surgery doesn’t sound in top shape, missing some notes near the end. Some of the special effects concerning the dances haven’t been fully worked out yet either, requiring more work during the second rehearsals.

Overall, Sweden managed to improve on their National Final performance, transitioning well onto the Rotterdam stage. If they can work out their minor issues, they’ll coast to the finale.

Join our team during our livestream here:

What do #YOU think of Tusse’s rehearsal? Do you recon they made the right one out of their million choices? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media!

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