This is it, after the contest for the first time ever got cancelled last year, it all FINALLY returns in just a few more hours, after this article had gone public. However, as we are still in a pandemic, then clearly not all is going to be as it once was. As was written some days ago, certain guidelines will be in place to secure a safe contest. One thing that is certain, is that this year’s contest will be remembered and will be heavily centered about sharing as much content online as possible, as so here can you find a special made ESCUnited 2021 Online Guide!


As always, the ESCUnited Livestream returns, and will air for the next two weeks, sharing reactions, predictions and all the Eurovision related content, that your heart may desire. #YOU can once again join on the fun, all you have to do is subscribe to our Youtube channel, ring the bell icon and you’ll be notified whenever we’re live!

Now you may wonder, when will the focus be on either your country or one of your favorite countries this year? As usual, the running order decides when which country will rehears on stage first and all the way to the last country. Below you can see when each country will have their rehearsals:

  • Saturday 8th of May: Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia, Sweden, Australia, North Macedonia & Ireland – All first rehearsal
  • Sunday 9th of May: Cyprus, Norway, Croatia, Belgium, Israel, Romania, Azerbaijan, Ukraine & Malta – All first rehearsal
  • Monday 10th of May: San Marino, Estonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, Poland, Moldova, Iceland & Serbia – All first rehearsal
  • Tuesday 11th of May: Georgia, Albania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Switzerland & Denmark – All first rehearsal
  • Wednesday 12th of May: All countries from Semi-final 1 expect Malta – All second rehearsal
  • Thursday 13th of May: Malta + Everyone from 10th of May – second rehearsal – & BIG 5 + The Netherlands – first rehearsal
  • Friday 14th of May: Everyone from 11th of May – All second rehearsal
  • Saturday 15th of May: BIG 5 + The Netherlands – All second rehearsal
  • Sunday 16th of May: No rehearsals – Opening Ceremony
  • Monday 17th of May: 1st(Press) and 2nd(Jury) Dress rehearsals
  • Tuesday 18th of May: 3rd(family) Dress rehearsals & FIRST SEMI-FINAL!
  • Wednesday 19th of May: 1st(Press) and 2nd(Jury) Dress rehearsals
  • Thursday 20th of May: 3rd(family) Dress rehearsals & SECOND SEMI-FINAL!
  • Friday 21st of May: 1st(Press) and 2nd(Jury) Dress rehearsals
  • Saturday 22nd of May: 3rd(family) Dress rehearsals & THE GRAND FINAL!

As you can see, we’ve got a lot of content for you the next two weeks, so don’t fret, come and join. You can ask us some questions, and even ask what questions we should ask some of the artist, chat with us, chat with others, join the fun and open up.

There’s more!

With all that’s in store for all of us the next two weeks, you’ll probably forget that the pandemic is still even a thing – for safety, please do still wear your masks, vaccinated or not – but it’s still there, so unfortunately, a lot of the planned events will not take place in Rotterdam this year, but will instead be online!

For the first time ever, the host city will be on your screens. A online Eurovision Village will take place this year, starting from the 15th of May and all the way until after the contest has even concluded on the 23rd of May.

It will be filled with events and activities that will definitely keep you busy in front of your screens, cause even us at ESCUnited need some rest, so we can deliver better content, so you’ll have something to watch when we ain’t there.

The websites will be open for everyone free of charge right here. If you’ve always wondered how the Eurovision atmosphere is like, then this will be your go to place, from home.

With that said, only a few hours left now! We know #YOU are excited like us, but what are #YOU mostly excited for and who do #YOU think will be crowned the next winner? As always, drop by our social media sites and our forum HERE where you can share your opinion.

See you all very soon! <3

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