Rotterdam, 8 May 2021

Het is zover! Rehearsals have finally kicked off in Rotterdam, with Lithuania’s The Roop débuting on the Ahoy Arena stage.

Country: Lithuania (#LTU)
Act: The Roop
Song:  “Discoteque”
Semifinal: First (18/05/2021)
Position in Running Order: 01/16.

The same five people we saw in the NF version took the stage. The three members of The Roop, alongside the two dancers. Lead singer Vaidotas looks confident and is clearly having fun.

The stage show can be best described as “organized chaos”. The Lithuanians resort to split screens (similar to what we saw from Lake Malawi / Midnight Gold, but much more simplistic), to convey their wacky facial expressions.

The colour palette is a jarring blend of canary-yellow outfits and a violently violet backdrop. For the chorus, we enter a checkerboard patter, swirling around like a Windows ’95 screensaver.

The real star of the performance is the camera work however. It adds a lot of visual humour to the performance and brings out the best in each of the five people on stage. The crowning moment comes at the end when Vaidotas mimicks holding a selfie stick and “pushes” the camera forward for maximum fun factor.

Important note: The sound was switched OFF during the rehearsal. You’ll have to wait for the second round if you want the full report on any disaster notes.

Overall, a pyrotechnic opener. The Lithuanian band was a favourite to qualify and a dark horse for the televote winner. This rehearsal seems to have confirmed this.


#YOU can watch footage from the first rehearsal here: 


Follow our livestream on Youtube for LIVE updates from the press centre:


What do #YOU think of The Roop’s rehearsal? Did they bring their social-distance discoteque right at your door? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media!


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