Will we get a big star for Armenia?
Will we get a big star for Armenia?

A few days ago Armenia teased that they had a ‘big surprise’ in store for 2015 – and have since set Eurovision fans into a speculative frenzy. Armenia has a surprising amount of ‘big surprise’ potential which makes the announcement all the more exciting – but what could it be? Let’s assess some of the likely and unlikely options…

A massive national final?

Possibly too late into the year to get together plans for an Armenifestivalen but perhaps ARMTV want to launch into some kind of national final for the first time since 2011? Let’s hope the end result would be better than then however – Armenia’s only non-qualification came from this national final!

Tamar Kaprelian?

One of the recent arrivals on the Armenian-American market is Tamar Kaprelian who could really bring a touch of professionalism to a ballad for Armenia. With an army of loyal fans and a string of successful songs Kaprelian could bring Armenia to a second successive Top 5 result with the right song.

The return of Sirusho?

Many Eurovision fans have been dying to see Sirusho return to the contest for Armenia. Her 2008 entry “Qele Qele” was hugely popular and her hit “PreGomesh” continues to be a fan-magnet. Maybe Sirusho’s return would bring a spark and Eastern flavour to 2015?

Capital Cities?

You may not know the name but you’ll know the song – Capital Cities’ major international hit “Safe and Sound” has been a sleeper hit since its release in 2011, finally achieving major success in late 2013. Sebu Simonian (the bearded one) is in fact Armenian, and perhaps the duo could surprise us with a Eurovision participation? It’s unlikely, but would be fantastic!

System of a Down? or Serj Tankian solo?

Now we head into the more ridiculous rumours, but System of a Down at Eurovision has been somewhat of an urban myth since 2009 when Serj was first asked about the possibility. One of the most famous rock bands in the world who are deeply entrenched with Armenian culture and the causes of their ancestor nation, they recently reunited for a tour later this year. And maybe, just maybe, May 23rd in their calender will be marked as Vienna. But with their political agendas and the particularity of the year 2015 in Armenia, it may be a step that will never come to fruition. But we can dream, right?

Kim Kardashian ft. Kanye West?

Perhaps it’s best we stop speculating now…

Who do you want to see for Armenia this year? Did we miss any possibilities? Let us know your thoughts below or join the discussion with fans on our forum!

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  1. […] many rumours involving Armenia such as Capital Cities and System of a Down, with Kaprelian herself mentioned in our round-up of the rumour […]

  2. Triakes Román

    January 10, 2015 at 17:30

    Sofi Mhkeyan is the surprise!

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