My, oh my, we are in 2017, time for nail-biting Saturday evenings is here. But for chillaxing moments we are here to bring you exclusive interviews with Slovenian hopefuls.

One of them is wacky, full of positive energy, beautiful Alya.
She is one of the few artists that has the most EMA participations and unfortunately she still hasn’t managed to go to Eurovision.

Alya, this will be your seventh EMA. What did motivate you to apply again? Is Eurovision your unfulfilled dream?

– I can not believe, already seventh, really? Hahaha 🙂
Two years ago I performed alongside Neno Belan with “Missunderstandings” and it was an honor to sing with him.
Well I must say that I have participated at EMA to have fun and to promote new songs. EMA is still the largest and most popular festival in Slovenia, so it is a great thing to participate. 🙂

If I’m not mistaken, Raay is the author of your song. Can you tell us how was it like working with him?

– You’re right. 🙂 Our cooperation has been going on for several years now. We are a very good tandem and we have amazing vibe when we work together, I think you can feel it…
We worked together on the “Srce za srce” (Heart for heart), which won last year’s festival Melodije morja in sonca (Melodies of the sea and sun), and a few more songs before, and all of the have been very successful.

Can you please tell us something about your song? 🙂

– My song is full of rhythms, has a Latino vibe, lots of passion and has a story of my life, but I can not tell you more than this… Hihihi 😉

A lot of popular performers from Slovenia will take part in the EMA. Who do you consider your biggest competitor?

– This years EMA is really great, there are plenty of famous artists and so I find it hard to say who could be my biggest competitor. I wish everyone all the best, but of course I want to win and probably everyone else … Hahaha 🙂

What’s your favorite Eurovision song?

– Perhaps because I had sung it on stage on my last concert in Cankarjeva dom in Ljubljana, Every Way That I Can by Sertab Erener, it is my fave. 🙂

And would you be a dear and tell our readers something interesting about yourself, something that is not commonly known?

– Ahh why do you have to ask me that? :)))))
Oh, ok. I’m blonde girl from the northern part of Slovenia, who already in her childhood loved to sing and to hang out with positive people. 🙂 This year I will celebrate 15th anniversary of my work. Woohoo! :)))

People often know me for quirky things, image, songs and different concerts. A few years ago I had a concert in Zagreb with Croatian Airlines’s plane up in the sky. It was then when my guest was famous Massimo Savić, and how can I tell it, it was just wonderful.

I would especially like to thank Domen Mavrič and Katja Mlakar. 😉 We are finishing #srcezasrce concert tour, which was very successful, and I’m really grateful to my faithful audience for all of the support.

Also, I am very active on social networks, so you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat – AlyaMusic. 😉

Alya, thank you so much for your time. On behalf of the entire escYOUnited crew, I wish you all the best in the 2017 and at the upcoming EMA. 🙂

– Oh it was my pleasure! Thank you all and all the best to everyone at and all of your fans and followers!!! 😉

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