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The preparations for 2015 are in full swing and no broadcaster seems more prepared for the challenge of 2015 than ORF of Austria. Surprising? In a way, considering the apparent lack of enthusiasm the same broadcaster had towards the contest last decade. But the Austrian state channel has taken like a duck to water with the challenge of hosting in 2015 and are well on their way to aiming for a memorable 60th in May. But there’s still the small matter of choosing an entry to represent the Central European country with on home turf. While ORF may opt for a new national final, there are a few names that would be perfect for Austria in 2015 – and hopefully for the second year in a row the risk could pay off!

But who do I want to see in the running for Austria next year? Here’s five names I would love to see!

1. Russkaja

Perhaps the Austrian broadcaster will try to earn favour with a less than pleased Russian audience after 2014 with the energetic Soviet sounds of Russkaja? Hailing from this year’s host city Vienna, the seven piece band would have to sideline someone for the contest – but the band have already performed with Conchita Wurst and could provide a memorable host entry that would have hard rock fans across Europe redialing for Austria next May!

2. Kontrust

Much like Russkaja, fellow Viennese hard rockers Kontrust would really shake up the Weiner Stadthalle in 2015, but with a much more familiar (if cliché) Bavarian sound to their music. They may seem somewhat tongue-in-cheek due to their usual attire of lederhosen and this may raise eyebrows across the continent, but with real talent and a powerful well-rounded sound the group would be an interesting addition to the Eurovision family.

3. Soap&Skin

Almost entirely on the other end of the scale is Anja Plaschg, best known as minimalistic vocalist Soap&Skin. While highly unlikely to ever grace the enormity of the Eurovision stage, the fragility of her compositions have endeared her to many fans across Europe and beyond, with a few of her compositions making it to advertising and film soundtracks. Perhaps not instant enough to reap the big points, but Soap&Skin would be as genuine an artist as you could find in the contest.

4. Parov Stelar

Of course, now I am just beginning to have pipe dreams, but perhaps one of the most famous alternative Austrian musicians would like to give it a shot? Parov Stelar performs across the globe with his unique pioneering electroswing sound and him and his band have an extensive fanbase already. Stelar would almost certainly bring something entirely new to our beloved contest, while reflecting the classy compositions and orchestral focus that heralded in the contest 60 years ago, and could be a major catch for ORF.

5. Left Boy

Perhaps the most likely contestant from my list is Left Boy, who already has connections with the show next year, as his father André Heller is a member of ORF’s 2015 creative team. That’s not to mention this cryptic photo he posted after the final in 2014! But connections alone are not worthy of this list, and it’s a good thing Left Boy is an exciting young talent emerging onto the Austrian scene with his unique brand of hip hop, as showcased below. With the right song it might finally be time for Eurovision to have a successful hip hop entry…

These are my choices for 2015. But it remains to be seen what style of entry ORF will be aiming for, or if the artist will even be well-known. We’ll just have to wait and see what the host nation has up its sleeve…

Do you disagree? Who do you want to see represent Austria in 2015? Join the discussion below or on our forums here!

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