God Kveld from Norway! After some great years for Norway, will it keep going their way? 3 times in a row, they have finished in the Top 10, but can they make it to 4 in a row, in these difficult times where more than 40 countries compete?


The 2015 winners, Mørland & Debrah performing “A Monster Like Me

The mission objective was pretty clear, as we saw in the beginning of the show, how do they get the same success as the Swedes, at the Eurovision Song Contest? With a great song and a great show!


The submission periode for songs was opened by NRK early, and it was open until the 11th of September 2015. Nearly 1000 songs were received at the point, when NRK closed for the submission, and out of all those songs, only 10 would be selected to compete in the final.

On the 19th of January, it was revealed, who were these 10 lucky acts, to get a chance to represent Norway in Stockholm. One of the finalists suffered a few days later, for a possible disqualification, but the issue was handled fast, when there were talks about Freddy Kalas song “Happy Rush”. The song was then fixed, so it applied with the rules, and eventually changed to the song title “Feel Da Rush”.

The Show

Once again, mission objective is to gain the same success as Sweden, in the Eurovision Song Contest. These 10 acts were selected, in hope of being victorious in Stockholm, so Norway once again can host the contest in the future. The acts performed in the following order.

  1. The Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa Dillan – “Laika”
  2. Stage Dolls – “Into The Fire”
  3. Stine Hole Ulla – “Traces”
  4. Makeda – “Stand Up”
  5. Pegasus – “Anyway”
  6. Freddy Kalas – “Feel Da Rush”
  7. Laila Samuels – “Afterglow”
  8. Elouiz – “History”
  9. Suite 16 – “Anna Lee”
  10. Agnete – “Icebreaker”

All the acts gave it all they got, and gave Oslo Spektrum and party worth remembering for life, with loads of glitter and color, and a party that was worth every penny, since we had all kind of a different styles in this final, so hard to imagine that anyone felt left out.

Silya Nymoen & Kåre Magnus Bergh were tonights host, and delivered as well some interesting acts and performance as well. The show featured also some throwbacks to some past Norwegian representatives.

The Results

The final was in 2 parts, having all the 10 competing acts performing straight away, in hopes of gathering enough votes, so they could perform once again, in the “Gold Final”, only 4 of the 10 songs would make it to the “Gold Final”. The decision on was made by 100% Televote.

The following songs managed to get another chance, and still has a chance at representing Norway, while the rest were eliminated, they were announced in a random order:

  • Laila Samuels – “Afterglow”
  • Suite 16 – “Anna Lee”
  • Agnete – “Icebreaker”
  • Freddy Kalas – “Feel Da Rush”

Herefter, in the “Gold Final”, the votes from 5 regions of Norway were counted and these votes would decide the winner and the next Norwegian representative, being still 100% Televote.

A very happy Agnete!
A very happy Agnete!

With the following numbers, we have a very clear winner:

  1. Agnete – 195.728 Votes
  2. Freddy Kalas – 88.128 Votes
  3. Suite 16 – 56.671 Votes
  4. Laila Samuels – 48.865 Votes

Agnete will hereby represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, with here song “Icerbreaker”. Even before receiving the last set of points, she was already declared the winner, since none of the other competitors could overtake her, after they received their last set of votes, from the Eastern region of Norway.

Agnete will compete in the second half of the second semi-final, which will take place on the 12 of May.

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