Earlier this week and following all of the first rehearsals for each country in this year’s semi-finals, we asked #YOU to name the country that had impressed the most with their performance on the Eurovision stage, based on our comments, videos, photos and snippets available at this stage.

With all second run-throughs finished for the semi-final performers, we can now reveal how #YOU feel about the performances!

Semi-Final 1

Two rehearsals seemed to really stand out for the voters in the first semi-final, but ultimately it was Cyprus’ Elena Tsagrinou who impressed the most with her striking performance of “El Diablo”, with 2% more of the vote than Go_A’s rehearsal of “Shum” for Ukraine. Third on the list is Russia’s Manizha, who looks set to impress in this year’s semi-finals with a strong rendition of “Russian Woman”.

Fourth place in our poll, quite a way ahead of the rest, is Croatia’s Albina, with the colourful, energetic routine for “Tick-Tock” earning particular praise from 11.8% of the voters. In fifth, Lithuania’s The Roop continued to do what they do best and were the favourite rehearsal of 6.9% of the voters.

The rest of the top ten in this semi-final were Malta, Ireland, Norway, Belgium and Romania. Will this be reflective of Tuesday’s ten qualifiers?

The full results of the Semi-Final 1 poll;

  1. Cyprus – 21.4%
  2. Ukraine – 19.4%
  3. Russia – 12.8%
  4. Croatia – 11.8%
  5. Lithuania – 6.9%
  6. Malta – 6.3%
  7. Ireland – 3.6%
  8. Norway – 3.3%
  9. Belgium – 3.0%
  10. Romania – 3.0%
  11. Azerbaijan – 2.3%
  12. Slovenia – 1.6%
  13. Sweden – 1.6%
  14. Australia – 1.6%
  15. North Macedonia – 0.7%
  16. Israel – 0.7%

Semi-Final 2

Over in Semi-Final 2, another two songs seem to be the front-runners with our readers, with Greece’s elaborate green screen staging for Stefania’s “Last Dance” topping the poll with 17.3% of the vote, ahead of Switzerland’s unique performance of “Tout l’Univers” by Gjon’s Tears on 16.3%.

Third place is for Daði og Gagnamagnið’s “10 Years” for Iceland, with a striking rehearsal, followed by the energy of Serbia’s Hurricane with “Loco Loco”. Just shy of 10% of the vote, Bulgaria’s emotive and classy staging of Victoria’s “Growing Up is Getting Old” is in fifth.

The rest of the top 10 is rounded off by Portugal, Finland, San Marino, Albania and Denmark. Would this be reflected by Thursday’s result?

The full results of our Semi-Final 2 poll;

  1. Greece – 17.3%
  2. Switzerland – 16.3%
  3. Iceland – 11.6%
  4. Serbia – 10.5%
  5. Bulgaria – 9.9%
  6. Portugal – 6.5%
  7. Finland – 6.5%
  8. San Marino – 5.8%
  9. Albania – 4.1%
  10. Denmark – 3.4%
  11. Estonia – 1.4%
  12. Austria – 1.4%
  13. Georgia – 1.4%
  14. Czech Republic – 1.0%
  15. Poland – 1.0%
  16. Moldova – 1.0%
  17. Latvia – 1.0%

Stay tuned to ESC United as we continue to bring #YOU coverage of Eurovision 2021 from Rotterdam and beyond!

Do #YOU agree with the readers’ votes? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below in the comments and on social media!

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