In a surprise announcement following the Eurovision 2023 contest, Voxovation appears to be pursuing another international version of the Eurovision song Contest – this time in India.

In the announcement, the company states that “India is like an entire content all by itself”, speaking to the 1.3 billion people who live across the countries 28 states and 8 territories. The company also stated that this contest would be able to highlight the unique cultures and musical traditions present across the country. The company has hopes that the contest will become a cornerstone of the Indian music scene moving forward.

“A competition between the Indian states will bring more diversity, genres of music, passion and spectacle than a competition between countries in most regions of the world. The Indian music industry is thriving and spans a wide range of genres, from classic and new iterations of folk music to Bollywood ballades and cutting edge pop and hip hop. It is vibrant, exciting, and constantly evolving.”

No additional details were revealed by the company, so it is currently unknown when this project is planned to premiere.

What about the other contests proposed by Voxovation?

Eurovision India is the fifth Eurovision expansion project that Voxovation has announced, with only the American Song Contest having come to fruition. However the second season of the American contest has been put on hold indefinitely, following disappointing ratings across its numerous shows. Eurovision Canada was announced to be on hold during a press conference in Liverpool, and no additional news has been released about Eurovision Asia or Eurovision Latin America.

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