Turin, 04 May 2022

And it was time for the third batch of countries to do their rehearsals as Croatia, Denmark, Austria, Greece and Portugal all took their time to practise it down. Read below for a quick summary of what to expect from each country next week.

Note: Images and videos will be added once they go online on the official channel. 

Country: Croatia
Act: Mia Dimšić
Song: “Guilty Pleasure”
Semifinal: First (10/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 11/17

Mia is bringing a LOT of Taylor Swift vibes. She kept the pink dress we saw at her first rehearsal. The performance looks really intimate, especially with the dimmed blue lights. The dancers are there, as well as her guitar. You might be surprised to hear that afterall she was allowed to perform a part of her song in Croatian. Will that prove to be helpful? We will just have to wait and see how it all ends up on Tuesday evening.


Country: Denmark
Act: Reddi
Song: “The Show”
Semifinal: First (10/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 12/17

You could say that Denmark was REDDI for Turin, as the staging, performance, and vocals were perfect today. While the stage design is not intricate and features bold colors of yellow, red, blue, and green it helps drive the energy throughout the performance. The standout portion of their performance is the opening with Siggy on the piano much like in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, but with a much more intimate and darker lighting design. This Danish band will certainly light up the night on Tuesday.


Country: Austria
Act: Lumix ft. PIA MARIA
Song: “Halo”
Semifinal: First (10/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 13/17

The Austria duo did bring THE PARTY to the stage. The big halo really fills up the stage and helps with the light work. Pia Maria sounded really good and Lumix lifted up the atmosphere. There a couple of shots going on the Green room and the audience so that should look amazing when the arena fills up. And did we forget to mention the LOADS of pyro and smoke effects. Without a doubt this will be a perferct treat for the viewers at home.


Country: Greece
Act: Amanda Tenfjord
Song: “Die Together”
Semifinal: First (10/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 14/17

Amanda is alone on stage in a what seems to be a nylon white dress. There is also quite a few of broken and missplaced chairs stranded all over the place. She steadly walks around and gives such an emotional performance. She just pulls you in with her eyes and you get mesmerised instantly. This is yet another performance with dimmed blue lights. There are some animations in the back and coming to the end there are strokes of white light.


Country: Portugal
Act: Maro
Song: “Saudade, Saudade”
Semifinal: First (10/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 10/17

Portugal rehearsed out of order today due to a delegation member testing positive for COVID-19, but that did not stop them from delivering a beautiful rendition of MARO’s song. The staging feautres hues of purples, greens, orangy-yellows, and blues that blend together in a way that paints a mosaic of sound and art. MARO and her backing vocalists are stood out on the outcrop stage in a full circle and illuminated in blue light, while the camera moves around the circle to showcase the singers from a variety of sides.

For more coverage, rewatch Matt & Company from today’s livestream!

What do #YOU think of  these rehearsals? Is Croatia you guilty pleasure? Are your REDDI to see Denmark’s full show? Dying to see more of Greece? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media!

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