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  • Zobo!!!!! It took 84 years but I read the manga you translated. As I imagined, I had some struggles to properly enjoy it because the main girl looks like a child and I have a block with that BUT at least Aoyama makes up for that. I can't really rate translations as I just understand a few words and sentences of japanese, but it was an easy read.
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    Ana Raquel
    Ana Raquel
    Thank you for taking your time and translate something that wasn't translated (let me know when i can threaten you to do it again to some manga i was following and people stopped scanlating)

    (and sorry for using the visitor message i need space in my inbox!!!)
    Hey Zobo, I've just noticed that the deadline for your NF has already passed. :( I'm listening to the songs now so if you're able to, you can wait for my votes. xrose
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