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    WV 161 | Send Your Entry!

    :jp: is in with a horny electro-swing song from a rather surprising composer. I fully expect to flop but I feel the need to send it anyway. :lol:
  2. ZoboCamel

    WV Spin-Off 162 🎙️ Karaoke! 🎙️ The Hobart-Ica Pacific Show is finally up! (Deadline: August 26th, 23h59 CEST)

    Whoa, that... is a lot more points than I was expecting! I'm never a huge fan of how my own voice sounds in recordings... which I guess is true for a lot of people, but still. Am ded. xheat More broadly – great show, great songs from everyone, and a very deserving winner. Lots of talent and...
  3. ZoboCamel


    ::12 ::de xcry ::10 :) ::8 :) ::7 ::kant ::6 :) ::5 :) ::4 :) ::3 :) ::2 :) ::1 ::ca 7/10 isn't too bad, but Germany was a big favourite, so I'm sad to lose it!
  4. ZoboCamel

    WV Spin-Off 162 🎙️ Karaoke! 🎙️ The Hobart-Ica Pacific Event (Deadline: August 17th, 23h59 CEST)

    Just submitted! Look forward to some real potato quality (both vocals and audio quality) xheat
  5. ZoboCamel


    Aaaaaa dammit! I kept reminding myself over the last few days that I had to get around to it, but (long story short) I lost my job a couple days back and got distracted by looking at new things to apply for etc. I'd even listened to all the songs already :cry: Well, rules are rules, I guess...
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    WV ÄLMHULT 157 🛋️ Make room for music 🛏️ GRAND FINAL RESULTS NOW!

    Between being a tad busy & a tad burned out on WV (again), I haven't been commenting too much here lately. But I've got to take a second to say: hot semi, hot top 3, hot show xheat
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    Kanto | WV 162: Eiko Segawa - Inochi Kurenai

    Just went to make some very last-minute votes here except (1) idk if you've submitted yet and (2) I can't decide on a ranking because I love all of the songs (and roughly equally at that). Sorry 'bout that! Anyways, I might not be affecting the final votes, but allow me to say, whatever entry...
  8. ZoboCamel

    WV 155 | Send your entry!

    Might take another break this edition. Still a little burned out / not feeling it for various reasons, mostly outside of WV... I'll see how things go next edition. Best of luck to those taking part!
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    Sweden SWEDEN 2022 - Cornelia Jakobs - Hold Me Closer

    First time my favourite has won Melfest since... 2012? Jeez, it's been a while. Regardless, this is probably my favourite Swedish entry since 2015; or maybe 2014; or maybe even 2012? Depends on what mood I'm in, lol. Not often I say this, but thank you, juries, for killing the televote...
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    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2022 - Sam Ryder - Space Man

    This isn't exactly knocking my socks off, but it's absolutely my favourite UK entry since at least Lucie, or maybe Molly. A solid ::8! Results-wise, I'd be surprised if this didn't get the UK their best result since 2009 (not that that's a high bar to clear, but, y'know). I suppose it could...
  11. ZoboCamel

    Armenia ARMENIA 2022 - Rosa Linn - Snap

    That snippet sounds like every song from a forgettable Danish NF rolled into one. Not *bad*, and actually kind of pleasant, but... very mid, especially given the high hopes for Armenia. Let's hope it's something else...
  12. ZoboCamel

    The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2022 - S10 - De Diepte

    I love the verses here; they've got a great, intimate feeling to them, and a sense of quality I haven't really felt in many songs this year at all. The choruses, in comparison, lose a bit of that intimate feeling and kind of just plod along... but they're still probably a little above average in...
  13. ZoboCamel

    Finland FINLAND 2022 - The Rasmus - Jezebel

    Finally, something for me to get excited about in May! I loved most of this year's UMK songs, but Jezebel is perhaps my #1 of the NF season, so I'm glad to have something to improve this year's quality a little. As for the live performance, it was... not brilliant. Vocals were fine in the...
  14. ZoboCamel

    Australia AUSTRALIA 2022 - Sheldon Riley - Not The Same

    Was hoping for either Voyager or Sheldon there – slightly preferring the former, but ideally wanting to send both – so this result isn't *exactly* what I was after but is close enough for my tastes. Somewhere between 8–10 points for now, I think; there's a lot of work to do before May, but also...
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