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  • :shock: :lol: :lol:
    I had no idea your language can be so interesting and nasty :lol: :mrgreen:
    I feel so educated now :geek: :lol:


    gtvrn xrofl3
    Yeah, Milosi is too occupied with his life for a longer period already :( Though that didn't stop me from enjoying the ESC fiesta xcheer Oh, it's better when you "don't have a life" though :lol: At least you can relax then, I am all !@%$ now, but thanks to my natural optimistic spirit, I am keeping stuff going on and on and on....:D

    Actually, my favorite song from Azerbaijan is also "Day After Day" :lol: It was so unique, and even though everyone around me was like "WTF", I enjoyed their singing and found it very original :lol: :D Stage presentation too. "Running Scared" was not among my top favorites, but Azerbaijan has been putting a lot of effort since the debut to win, and it just had to come :D I am sure that ESC in Baku will be awesome :)

    Speaking with the land of fire soon, Milosi is off :mrgreen:
    Hahaha :lol: I feel good too. Though, I'm still awake and my exam will start in about 7 hours :lol: I never sleep :twisted:
    My love life is in total mess, so it's also funny when I try to help my friends :lol:

    I just remembered about swear words :mrgreen: Frut said she will teach me some words and then we forgot about it. You say krc all the time, I wanna use krc in Azerbaijani :geek: :lol: Let's start with that word, I think it's enough for beginners like me :mrgreen: :lol:
    Sabsi must be really happy xcheer Congratulations on the victory :D Let's see how will ESC look like in the land of fire :p (no doubt that it will be great :D)
    Yeah, when Sabsi gives us a blessing we better win :p Thank yah :mrgreen: Oh yes, and happy 1st May, I don't know if that is celebrated in the Netherlands/Azerbaijan, but we here call it "The holiday of work" Or better (my free translation) "Holiday of lazy people" :lol::lol::lol::lol: :p
    Thanks :D We won :p No better present for me on Easter I guess :lol: Happy Easter to you as well, Hristos se rodi! :D

    Krc! :p
    Hahaha, yeah I know, it's not easy at all :p Yeah, I am quite busy as well, but overall feeling really good. Today my club is playing an "eternal derby" against its biggest rival, and if we win, we are the champions of Serbia for 4th time in a row :p So I am all in a soccer mood today :D

    Krc :p
    Daj mi zvaku Sabsi :( U picku materinuuuuu :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I am like a ghost, there and here :p hahaha, just kidding :lol: I am checking on a lot of things, but I am here, relaxed and feeling great :D How is Sabsi? :p I agreed with that post of yours, it hit the point directly :D
    Serious, suuuuuuuuure ahahahahah :lol:

    Neću, now I'm good hottie guy with good kurac ahahahahahahah xkiss
    What do u want, pičko? hahahahahahahahahahaha

    You're not on MSn, I wanna see ya online late in night, so you can make me laugh :D
    Sabsiiiiii is that u? Finally I found you hehe

    I'm Janko, your darling, I hope you remember :D :lol:
    I'm in love xromance Marcini and little cute cat xheart
    Thanks for sharing video. I think you and me should go to Poland and kidnap both of them :lol: In the end you get the cat and Marcini goes with me :twisted: :mrgreen:

    @Pablo - Yay! You are welcome here. Tell your friend Zagreb is the best for studying in Croatia :mrgreen:
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