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  • Heeey not sangría! You will taste real and glamourous Spanish wine at my wedding! :mrgreen:

    Yeah, it's always the same. I know lots of gay guys and I don't even get along with 90% of them... That's a problem! :lol:
    Actually I'm not sure about this one. Today, after some stalking (better not talk about it :oops:) I saw a test he answered.... And to the question "best date" he answered "en la que el otr@ aparezca". So he said "the other boy or girl", u know we use @ in Spanish to include both sexes....... DRAMA!!! NOW I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK!!!!!!!!!! And yesterday we spent some great moments (gosh I was sooooo tense... :?)

    Isabella, I think we are now attracted for the same things. Actually, neither the Dutchie or this, the Galician one, are a hot hunks or something. They have that cuteness, they are sooooo sweet and..... You know what I mean right? xromance

    BTW How is everything with your ex-bf???
    Too wild night... hangover will stay for many days I think.... omg i still don¡t know how I was able to get back home in the morning.... :lol:

    And yeah, I talked to the Dutch hottie again... (yeah I did it...). He started to comment old pics, so I decided to talk to him and again, he was sooooooo sweet and nice :)

    About your ex-bf, I think it was so nice that you visited him. Just be clear if you don't want anything with him, but yeah, if he's suffering because of his accident, I think your friendly visit gave him some illusion. You're such a sweeeeet ex gf :p
    Nooooo! It will be on 23rd of June 2018 and it's decided!!! :lol:
    I want it to be in Saint John's night and in 2018 is saturday!

    hahaha no, Zapatero's nephew is not handsome at all... (at least not for me). He is nice and I want to be nice with him, but that's all. Yesterday we had a great party here and he started to send me message saying that he wanted to go to my room...... So I had to be clear and told him that I didn't want him in my room....

    BTW I talked a lot with a guy I like here. He's such a nice and cute guy, but he seems to be straight... :?
    But yesterday we had cool conversations and I was like craaaaazy! He even tried to convince me to go to one bar (an awful bar that I hate cause we're always there, always the same people...etc). I said I was so not going there and he told me "so don't complain later"........ I WAS LIKE WTF soooo nervous!!!
    BTW I have a guy behind me and.... He is former president's (Zapatero) nephew. Here you go! :lol:
    He was acting weird for the last months and we've just had a conversation on BB messenger and now it's pretty obvious.... God, he looks a nice guy, but I don't like him at all.
    He just told me he became friend with one of my friends just to get closer to me.... And he got more interested cause he saw me as a hard guy (wtf)........ LOL :?

    But heeey, I'll note this strategy for the future :mrgreen:
    haha wooow! living on your own is amazing, you will see!!!! :D
    You parents are always afraid to lose their babies, but everything will be alright :p

    I don't talk to the Dutch hottie, but he usually comments my stuff (and sometimes I comment his too) and you can imagine I melt when I see the notification!!! :lol:
    It's decided, I want to marry him!!! The wedding will be on June 23rd 2018 and of course you are invited :lol:
    (Yeah, I have everything on mind, including all details, I just have to tell him.... :lol:)
    hahaha sorry Isabella, I didn't reply in my wall in purpose! that's been quite egocentric! :lol:

    Of course I'm not shy in general, but I am when it comes to flirting... I'm quite a sensitive and emotional buddy :oops:
    We're still in contact on Facebook, but I decided not to talk to him anymore. I felt so stupid with this situation cause it really has no sense. I mean... we're in different countries hellooooo??? And the feelings were going so far and I don't want to live the same thing again. + It was always me who started to talk (well, I did it just twice :lol: ). It's his tuuuuurn!!!! :(

    ANd yeah guys from Zaragoza are so hot, but somewhat simple (they're guys anyway...). But you know, less problematic. NO MORE BITCHES AND PLAYERS!!!

    My fingers are better now, though I have a big bruise in the "**** u" finger :lol:
    Doctor told me that hopefully I won't lose my nail. I HOPE!!!!

    And what about you? Is there something new I should know? :twisted:
    Before I go to sleep I wanna thank you for your message - I will answer you on Monday or Tuesday.
    Many greetings from me. Grlim te xhug xkiss
    huuuuh at this moment I'm chatting with him on Facebook (after thinking "should i say something?" "shouldn't?" u know...)
    He is just perfect, I want hiiiim!!!!!!!!! :)
    It seems I have something with this area... First Tom from Belgium and now this one from Holland. I SHOULD MOVE THERE!!!!
    But I should control this, cause it has no sense since I'm in Spain (hope for not much time though).

    And what about you? Studies, guys and stuff? :mrgreen:
    My birthday is on the 5th of September. So, I will already be in Europe then. I think the start of classes is around early August :D.
    We gotta! We're gonna have stories to tell to the future generation about all the crazy things we did when we're younger :lol:. Shoe and costume change, then we're all set :D xrofl2
    I will be living in Lyon, I chose that place because I didn't want to live in Paris, and Bordeaux is too far from everything that I wanna go to. I'm very very excited about this. :D

    I'm planning to do a small trip on my birthday weekend, I plan to go to Croatia :D. I'm excited to meet you in person, you're probably the most party loving person that I'd ever meet :lol:. So, I'll be ready to shoelebrate :lol:
    Guess what?!?! I'm one step closer to living in France! I got my acceptance letter for study abroad :D. You better be ready for a Reggie invasion of Zagreb :D
    Haha that cat I love it :lol: And I know, you're famous now! :D New found celebrity status haha!
    And lool trust Google to pic a picture you dont like! :lol: It got me thinking omg maybe Im exposed on Google too!!xD As for Hurts, that used to be my signature so all I can guess is that I commented on your picture saying I liked it and that's how it's appeared like that - otherwise there's some strange goings on! :eek: :lol:
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