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  • Ej :)
    Imamo interni izbor za veljaču (imam osjećaj da će tebi biti jako drago :mrgreen:). I kako imamo dosta vremena organizirali smo jedan ogroman NF, pa ne mogu tražiti od svih članova da glasuju u svim SF-ovima. Prva dva su prošla, treće je u tijeku i imaš još par dana, a četvrto još nije ni otvoreno. Inače, mora se glasovati za finale dore i FSC da bi oba dva "seta" glasova bila prihvaćena.
    Šta se tiče stila sada je 20, 10, 9, 8...1 zato što svačiji favorit ovako dobije bodove a opet najbolja pjesma skupi najviše bodova. ;)
    Naravno da hoću! :D Stvarno nam nedostaješ u žiriju! xrunhug Ako želiš već se možeš priključiti glasovanjima u SF-ovima izbora za ožujak! xcheer
    I think European Union law is really appropriate especially around this time period when Croatia is going to enter the EU :D. It's good to be optimistic, no? :D. Do let me know what happens! If you do get in the program, you start around October, right? I was looking at some diplomacy program, I'm mostly interested in US- Ex-Communist/Ex-Socialist country affairs. BUT Laws of attraction is definitely the one that keeps my attention xrofl3.

    We are growing old Isabella! :lol:. Tell me about this new guy! Do you feel kemija between you two? :mrgreen:. Do you think that you two will be in a relationship in the future?

    She really is! She's really honest and knows what she wants. :lol:. Not many girls are direct to say what they want :lol:. Honestly though, I don't see myself dating her just because I don't feel the spark with her.
    Ah, I see! Wooo! That's great that you will start your masters later this year! xcheer and xcheers. What do you plan to specialize in? Is there a degree for laws of attraction in Croatia (just kidding xrofl3). I'm still thinking about doing a law or a diplomacy program for masters.

    I recently just started to get more into partying, it's nice to release all the fun energy once in a while :D. But no one can beat the master Isabella at partying ;) ;). I'll definitely do some practice for Croatia ;). She gave me a text message that she will visit California and that we should do something (you know what I mean :lol:). She gave me a more graphic message of what she wants to do with me :mrgreen:. I was like, OK. I feel a bit weird about it because I do see her as a good friend, and it's just weird to do things like that to a good friend :lol:
    Woo! Even if it's for work, visiting a new place is still wonderful! Do you still work for the same company you told me before?

    Meeee toooooo! I'm really excited to see you and have fun the Croatian way. Things are really good with me, me and my friends have been hanging out recently, I went to LA a few days ago, I'm invited to a party in a few days (I'll see if I can go, depending on work) and we plan to go clubbing in a few weeks when our "team" is complete :).

    Remember the girl I visited in Arizona, she gave me an indecent proposal recently xrofl3
    How is our dearest Isabella? I'll be moving to France in late August :D, Be ready for Reggie invasion of Croatia xrofl3
    PS: ZP's nephew doesn't talk to me after that party. AT first I was awkard cause he was ignoring me. But then I commented one of her status on Twitter and he didn't reply. He looks angry with me, but what can I do if I don't like him? I tried to do my best, cause I'm usually in his situation and I know it's hard. I didn't want to behave like some others did with me, but if he's unkind just because I rejected him....... can't help

    OK I monopolized again the 4 MESSAGES (!) conversation... :oops:
    I'll show you a pic via PM when I decide it's the moment to add him to a social network :mrgreen:

    But okay, let's stop talking about MYSELF :lol:
    How was your Easter holidays? SOmething new? How was with your ex-bf? Is your friendly relationship working?

    Ah and about journalism. I worked for Project Censored in the uni (they give me higher marks for it :lol: ) If you don't know, it's a website where news that are usually censored in mass media find their place. They publish news that most important media hide and my uni is working with them.
    Journalism is cool, but it's sooo hard to find a job, not to talk about a well-paid job... :? It was hard because of the crisis, so imagine now that this country is ruined and everything goes worse every day... :cry:
    So I will fight for him and despite there are few hopes right now, there are some, and I will try to increase those hopes with the time. I'll take the risk + this time I know mistakes I did in the past, so that will not happen again :)

    BTW I arrived in Madrid today and I was so nervous, cause living in a students residence you never know when you will see that person (this is sooooo stressing, I can tell you!). Suddenly I was having dinner with my friends and he came with us, asked me about the holidays, etc..... I was soooo tense! But it was not that bad. I know the first thing I have to work is behave naturally: try to get my words out despite my nerves and be myself. ANd not being so obvious cause I hate being behind someone and I don't want him to run away. I will not tell him my feelings as I did with the previous guy (only if it were my last chance). That looks courageous and honest, but that scares the people away and it was proven a BIG mistake.
    Heeeey! I'm answering late cause I've been in my parents' village during Easter holidays. At first I was ok, cause that would serve to relax, disconect a bit from the big city life and clear my mind (so necessary right now). BUT I DID ALL THESE THINGS THE FIRST TWO DAYS AND AFTER IT THAT WAS THE MOST BORING WEEK IN MY LIFE!!!! :lol:

    So I have everything clear now and I have a decission. I must reckon that I'm in love with Rubén, it's not that I like him or I think he's cute... I know this feeling and I know this is much stronger. I know it's veeeery difficult, but I have no choice. It took me almost 3 years feeling the same for someone and regarding how difficult is to find someone for me, I think I must take the chance and fight till the end. Of course I can fail and I will be sooo down after it, but I'll lose him as well if I don't make anything at all.
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