We’re excited ahead of Latvia’s Supernova semi-final to release a new interview with Artūrs Hatuļevs!

Artūrs Hatti is participating in the Latvian national selection for the first time this year amidst working on his debut album, set to be released later this year. As an artist he has been performing for over three years, and sees a potential Eurovision participation as a way to reach a much wider audience. Get to know Artūrs better below!

Hello there Artūrs and welcome to ESCUnited.com! We’re excited to help our readers get to know you a bit better ahead of Supernova – how are you doing today?

Hello! I am feeling great and excited! Can’t wait for my performance, so everyone can get some Love Vibes!

Let’s start off with some rapid fire questions before we talk Eurovision and Supernova. As an artist how would you describe your music? Are there any artists out there that influence or inspire you musically?

I would say my music is from heart! I sing from personal experience and about topics that are important to everyone. I admire and get inspired from Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.

If you were able to host a one-night-only concert anywhere in the world you wanted, where would you choose to perform and why?

My choice would be my wedding, where is love of my life, family and all my friends! Because these are the values that are very important to me!

What is one thing that our readers would be surprised to learn about you?

Before age 1, my mother recorded me singing. Also, as I was little, I didn’t know an English language, but I still managed to sing an English songs in my own language. That’s how much I wanted to sing for big audience!

This is your first time competing in the Latvian national final, and you said on Rīta Panorāma that your decision to participate was rather spontaneous. What made you decide to participate so late in the game?

Actually it felt like destiny. I had a meeting with producer Matiss Repsis about some project. I didn’t know any more details. There I met Agnese Rozniece, one of song writers and she also participated in Eurovision 2017. They showed me one song’s sketch. I heard it and got feeling that this song has potential. Some months later – here I am! At first I didn’t even know that that meeting is about song for Eurovision.

I was reading that your song “Love Vibes” was written at songwriting camp in Zvaigznāja, so I’m curious what came first: the decision to participate in Supernova this year, or recording your song and realizing you had something there?

The second option! First was song, okay some part of it. Then there was me. Some upgrade. And now you can hear final version.

Your songwriting team is made up of some pretty notable names, specifically Agnese Rozniece (Triana Park singer and Eurovision 2017 contestant) and fellow competitor Toms Kalderauskis (Supernova 2017). Have they offered you any advice or guidance throughout this process?

Yes! I am so grateful for my team! And not only Agnese and Toms. Agnese is so professional and I consider her as my mentor! She is right by my side all this time and she is ideas generator!

Thinking about the Eurovision Song Contest, do you remember the first time you learned about the contest or watched? What was your first impression and has that changed any over the years?

I remember that I wanted to be there since I was little. There was some spectatular shows and songs that I loved. Over the years I have noticed that every year is different. Some years there is some crazy show vibes, some years a melancholy ballad vibes. Hope this year will be tear of Love Vibes 🙂

For those who want to connect with you ahead of or after the selection– where can they find you and your music?

I am everywhere as Arturs Hatti, also spotify.

In closing, do you have a final message you’d like to share with the readers of ESCUnited?

This experience is something new and crazy for me! Me and my team prepared beautiful show for you and I hope you will feel my love though TV!

Artūrs Hatti is set to perform during this weekend’s semi-final of Supernova on Saturday February 4th starting at 20:10 PM CET. A total of four acts will be eliminated from the selection, with the remaining ten acts moving to the final on February 11th, where a winner will be selected using a split jury and televote structure. 

Are #YOU team Artūrs this year for Latvia? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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