Liverpool, 08 May 2023

The dress rehearsals are finally upon us! Let’s go through all of them one by one and give you some more details about all of the performances! Buckle up and get through all of the 15 performances today!!

Note: Images and videos will be added once they go online on the official channel. 

Country: Portugal
Act: Mimicat
Song: “Ai Coração”
Semifinal: First (09/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 05/15

Based on rehearsals Portugal is set to perform after quick word and Eurovision rap from Alesha.

The performance starts with Mimicat in her beautiful red dress, all the focus on her. Then we start with some choreo with the dancers towards the first chorus. Loads of red lighting that turn into more whites and yellows in the chorus. Towards the second half the red lighting goes away and makes way for even more white and yellow lighting.

The staging is quite empty with only her and the dancers. Even with all the dancing the performance feels a bit static. Towards the final chorus there is a red runway slowly appearing under Mimicat on the front stage of the two. It ends with a lovely long note with Mimicat as the center of attention.

Country: Ireland
Act: Wild Youth
Song: “We Are One”
Semifinal: First (09/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 06/15

Ireland has a horseshoe shaped stage with two pairs of curved stairs. The start is very much focused on the lead singer Conor. When the drums kick in we zoom to the drummer who is situated in front of the stairs. In the chorus we get a glimpse of the other bandmembers as well and we get blue and purple lighting too. In the verse we switch to gold and Conor makes a little stroll to the frontstage where he reaches out to a shadow hand who’s trying to reach through.

The blue and purple lighting give a nice contrast with the golds. There is loads of pyrofountains at the end where the leadsinger walks to the front stage again. All in all the staging looks nicely, but it was vocally definitely the weakest so far…

Country: Croatia
Act: Let 3
Song: “Mama ŠČ!”
Semifinal: First (09/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 07/15

The performance starts with the bandmembers striking a pose. When the song starts they do their signature dance with little “ŠČ!’s” flying off their hands as an overlay effect. When the alphabet part start the band members form around the lead singer on the ground with small traktor’s flying off on the floor LED.

Towards the ending we get the guy with the nuclear weapons makes an appearance and it is solely focused on him for a bit. Then when we zoom out again, the band members have taken off their clothing and everyone forms a band with instruments on the front stage. The guy with the nukes then poses behind them on an elavated platform. The song ends with a striking pose that is made stronger by them posing as shadows on the background too.

Country: Switzerland
Act: Remo Forrer
Song: “Watergun”
Semifinal: First (09/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 08/15

The performance starts with Remo standing with his four dancers attached 2 by 2 with ropes. There is a nice white led floor. In the verse they make use of pretty bars of lighting. The dancers dance in pairs for a while after which they do more interpreted dancing on their own. After the chorus the lighting switches to a lighting with mor red colours.

The start of the second chorus has high wide shot slowly panning towards Remo, maybe it takes a bit too long. In this second chorus Remo also dance a bit himself. Then we turn to a pyramid type shape on the back LED. Remo does a big note and then ‘runs’ forwards to the front stage where he kneels down with a pretty blue/red/white visual on the floor LED of the smaller front stage. Great vocally as well!

Country: Israel
Act: Noa Kirel
Song: “Unicorn”
Semifinal: First (09/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 09/15

The song starts with epic lighting. When we get to the singing the focus is on Noa Kirel with her tilted boxes prop. She leans against it in an interesting angle and the camera rotates as well. She gets out of her box and gets into the first chorus. The dancers join her and at the first Feminine/phenomenal part they all strut forwards to front stage.

Her vocals are lacking a bit of diversity in energy. Then we get to dance break where she does a floorwork after which the dancers join her again with some imposing images of Noa on the background with 2 prancing unicorns as well. The energy in this final part is definitely there. Throughout the entire performance though? It lacked a bit according to us.

Country: Moldova
Act: Pasha Parfeni
Song: “Soarele și Luna”
Semifinal: First (09/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 10/15

The camera is focused on Pasha and it looks like he is on the ground, but it is just some ineteresting camera work done here. There is an eye behind him on the LED and he does some cool daancing. The chorus cuts away from Pasha and goes to the dancer/flutist who place his flute on the front stage. There are 2 drummers present at the background who get a moment to shine after the chorus.

The second drop gets introduced by Pasha together with his two dancers who form a pose together after which the flutist comes from between them and kicks off the drop again. The end of the song has some smoke and a bit of wind as well. They all dance around a bit and we end with some wideshots zooming into Pasha for an imposing endpose.

For more coverage, join Matt & Gabe on the today’s livestream!

What do #YOU think of the second set of 6 rehearsals? Does Portugal sound good? Did you fancy Ireland? How about Croatia? Was Switzerland more your cup of tea? Did Israel light your fire? or did Moldova do it all for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media!

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